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Leo and Capricorn have one thing in common and it is their awareness of their Selves. It will be a rare occasion when Leo is attracted to a Capricorn, but the other way around attraction seems more probable. Leo is a warm, passionate sign, and Capricorn likes to be coolheaded and practical. The rulers of these signs represent one of the archetypal conflicts of the zodiac, and tell the story of the fallen ego. This need could easily pull them both in a direction which will endanger their self-esteems and affect the image they have on their beauty and attractiveness. The only way for them to have a healthy sex life is to share warmth and always bring new experiences, spicing things up.

She often does not do what is expected of her with respect to romance, and for her, love is an adventure. Instead, he will look for someone who can help him with respect to his career goals.

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He approaches dating, like everything else in his life, from a practical perspective. A Capricorn man and Leo woman do not have a natural affinity for one another. On the other hand, a Capricorn man may find himself interested in a Leo woman for practical reasons. For example, she may be the daughter of his boss, or she may represent the means for him to rise in status in some other way.

If so, he will do what it takes to win her heart. A Leo woman may very well be aware that he has some motivations other than love, but she is interested in status as well, so those motivations may not bother her.

Even though he is businesslike, a Capricorn man is very sensual in the bedroom.

When Leo and Capricorn join together in a love match, they form a mutually supportive union. Capricorn is more conservative, hard working and traditional in outlook. Leo is a firm believer in hard work, but tends to get things done through their charm and social skills. However, both are extremely devoted, especially to teach other. Dating a Leo Compatibility with other zodiac signs The best match for Leos is Aries, Gemini or Sagittarius. Life with Aries is going to be truly great, because in this relationship Aries is the head, and Leo is the Betty Crawford.

He enjoys the physicality of sex, and he can be quite an accomplished lover. A Leo woman will appreciate his efforts.

On the other hand, they do have very different needs, so they will need to negotiate and compromise if they are both going to be satisfied with their sex life. A Capricorn man, Leo woman couple will only last long enough to become a marriage if they both make a conscious decision that they want to be together. Even though their initial motivation for dating may have been because of status or financial concerns, they can form a deep emotional bond as well.

For this pair, the practical and romantic will not be separate concerns but will be intertwined. A hit musical has recently brought a historical marriage between a Capricorn man and Leo woman to the attention of popular culture.


This marriage is the one that occurred between Alexander Hamilton and Elizabeth Schuyler. They were clearly brought together at least in part by practical considerations, yet, from all accounts, it did turn into a true love match.

Capricorn and Leo Compatibility suffers from this conundrum, this relationship would lack the mutual respect and companionship that can keep a relationship going for a long time. Are they Compatible? There is an obvious disparateness between the personalities Capricorn and Leo partners, which is why this zodiac love match has to face its fair 77%(8). Dating a Capricorn Compatibility with other Zodiac Signs: Taurus and Virgo. Capricorns are very compatible with Taurus and is a good understanding between Taurus and might not have too many things in common, but they can easily adjust to Author: Betty Crawford. Mar 09,   Capricorn man, Leo woman: Dating and early stages of the relationship. As mentioned before, it is rare for a Capricorn man to be moved by notions such as "love at first sight." He tends to view passion and romance with suspicion. Instead, he will look for someone who can help him with respect to his career goals. He approaches dating, like Author: Cynthia Thinnes.

A Capricorn man and Leo woman will be very demanding parents. They will both want their children to achieve success in whatever they do. On the other hand, they will balance each other. He will help a Leo woman have reasonable expectations of her children, and she will bring joy, energy, and life to their family.

Leo Woman and Capricorn Man Love Compatibility

It will be very difficult for a Capricorn man and Leo woman to work together. They will most likely find themselves in power struggles that will make getting anything accomplished a challenge. A Capricorn man is used to being in charge, and he will want to plan and strategize. He can also be quite forceful in how he interacts with people he is working with.

He is matter-of-fact and hard-working, but it will be hard for him to acknowledge or accept the ideas of others. A Leo woman is not one to defer or take orders from anyone.

Capricorn and leo dating

She is proud and has her own sense of how to go about doing things. She is also very set in her ways. A Leo woman will not take kindly to the controlling nature of a Capricorn man. If they can manage to work through their power struggles, they do have the potential to balance each other. A Capricorn man has a keen business sense, and a Leo woman is a natural salesperson. He will be able to keep them on track with respect to their financial well-being, and she will be able to attract customers with her charm.

Cappy needs someone who can fuel their drive, not question why they're trying so hard. If you have it going on too, they'll be all that much more motivated. Capricorn isn't looking for someone who's only focused on their relationship.

If you're getting into deep waters with yours, be sure to keep an eye on your career, your friends, and your hobbies. You shouldn't lose yourself and your dreams - it's what Capricorn was drawn to in the first place! Be stable. The one who's temperamental, mercurial, and erratic will not be a good fit for patient, rational Capricorn. If you're quick to anger or tears, Capricorn just straight up won't get you and will get exhausted.

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Be stable mentally and Cappy will know who they can lean on. Those with addictive or insecure personalities don't really have a place in Capricorn's world.

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If you're boozing away the weekends or spending days wrapped up in a pity party, Capricorn will not be having it. They desperately want life to be on an even keel at all times. Why do you think they plan everything out ahead of time?

Be classy. If you're poised and classy, Capricorn will see you as a boost to their image and someone who's just as driven and motivated as they are. They want the best. This doesn't mean the richest, most lavish things. Carrying a Louis Vuitton purse doesn't make you classy. Being sophisticated is an inner maturity and grace and not what's strung on your arm.

Be open-minded. This, however, is one of the times where Capricorn needs an opposite to juxtapose their personality.

While Capricorn is rational and logical, they are often stuck in their ways because of it. Since they're usually right, they find it hard to open their minds to others' opinions.

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They can be very stubborn and relentless. You'll need to work with them! It's because of their extensive planning that they can be so firm in their convictions. Since they've weighed everything out or they think that they havethey see no need to budge. So if you can do the budging for them, the both of you will be better off.

Be patient. This will come in handy for two reasons: 1 Since your Cappy is so patient, being frazzled is something they won't tolerate and 2 they operate on a slower wavelength sometimes like how your relationship progressed. It's also good for you and your stress level! Basically, it's important to be patient in your world and in your relationship.

You'll be calmer, more relaxed, and be more willing to see things through till the end. It may take a while to break your Cappy down, but once you do, you'll be glad you were so willing to wait! Part 3 Quiz How would your Capricorn react if you tell them you've been given the opportunity to go on a week-long business trip?

They would feel jealous. They would feel indifferent. They would be happy for you. They would feel abandoned. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. Capricorns are very serious fellows most of the time. But once you get past that face they put up you'll find they can be fun-loving though will prefer to act that way in private.

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Mar 07,   How to Date a Capricorn. Those born between December 22nd and January 20th fall under the sign of the Mountain Goat, an agile and tough animal which climbs it's way to the top. Ruled by Saturn, these people can be strong, driven with a 92%(38). Aug 24,   If you put the Leo woman with a Capricorn man which tends to be more of a goat, then you would have no problems. This is the classical Leo woman and Capricorn man love compatibility match up for the ages. There's no problem with that type of match up. Things get a little bit more interesting when the Capricorn man is more of a Imelda Green. Leo is a Fire sign of fixed quality, and they are pretty hard to change. The Fire of Leo creates warmth, passion and creative energy. This can sometimes fail to be recognized as true emotion, especially by Water signs, and it is a good thing that two Leos understand each other's emotional depth perfectly.

Capricorns need space, so be ready to give them some alone time. Capricorns are known to enjoy solitude. Be patient; they'll return. Capricorns tend to seem to be a bit depressed; this is something you will have to work through. You'll find out it's just how they see the world. Capricorns love to learn and challenge themselves; museums, beaches, and hiking trails are good ideas for activities.

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Capricorns tend to have long attention spans; don't think you're boring them. Aggression can be a good or bad thing for Capricorns, younger ones will think that you won't offer security but older ones will love the thrill of being chased.

Capricorns vary from all the other signs in a very unique way. They age in reverse, younger Capricorns will act like they are old, but the older they are the more childlike they will be.

Capricorns are very careful people when it comes to letting others into their lives, so once you betray them, it's really hard to get them back. Submit a Tip All tip submissions are carefully reviewed before being published. Capricorns hold grudges. If you hurt them do not expect forgiveness on their end until you can show them that you understand the error of your ways entirely. Helpful Not Helpful Related wikiHows. Co-authors: ated: January 17, Categories: Astrology Relationships.

Article Summary X Like every zodiac sign, dating a Capricorn comes with its own challenges and rewards. Italiano: Frequentare un Capricorno.

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Deutsch: Ein Date mit einem Steinbock. Nederlands: Een Steenbok daten. Thanks to all authors for creating a page that has been rea times. Reader Success Stories. NJ Natalia Jones Mar 22, I am a Leo lady and I know we are not first hand compatable, but I do love him and am willing to work through our differences. This article made me comprehend his behaviour. Mar 8, After reading this, everything makes sense.

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Leo & Capricorn: Love Compatibility

By continuing to use our site, you agree to our cookie policy. This is the classical Leo woman and Capricorn man love compatibility match up for the ages. Things get a little bit more interesting when the Capricorn man is more of a fish. In this particular case, the Leo decisiveness might trigger Capricorn aloofness. The good news about Leo woman and Capricorn man love compatibility is that they can both focus. They can focus on what lies ahead, and on what they would like out of their relationship.

They can be quite open regarding their expectations of each other. This is good news if you are looking to grow your relationship. This is great news if you are looking to have your relationship grow along with your personalities.

Healthy relationships are always growing. The good news is that the challenges will make your relationship grow.

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One key challenge to that is the interplay between Leo decisiveness and Capricorn aloofness. Another challenge is the fact that both signs tend to commit too early.

The reason for this is that the Leo woman often tends to get into situations way over her head. This is not exactly the recipe for making a great decision. Still, Leo women tend to make decisions this way.

To make matters worse, they tend to be stubborn. In other words, they try to just hang in there, give it everything they got, and try to make a wrong situation right. This can be a serious issue if they are stuck in a hole with their Capricorn partner, just like in relationships involving Leo and Scorpio signs.

A Capricorn tends to commit too early because the Capricorn can be quite insecure when it comes to relationships. This is why he is often too eager to pull the trigger, get off the fence, and make a decision. This can lead to co-dependent relationships.

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This is a very interesting observation about Leo women and Capricorn men love compatibility. However, you need to look beneath the surface and get an understanding of the forces driving why people look the way they do. Every relationship goes through phases.

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