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Daniel Edward Grayson born Summer - Summer was Conrad and Victoria's son and their only shared biological child. He had been considered to be a wild party boy, and he quietly, consistently resisted his family's efforts to groom him as the future CEO of their company, Grayson Global. Despite being Victoria 's favorite child, he did not have free rein. Due to several incidents with the law, in combination with his rambunctious party boy image, his relationship with his father was often strained. However, they were eventually able to mend their relationship. After his father's death, Daniel was left with no money, and had to earn a living by selling off Grayson materias for 6 months. He was able to bounce back eventually, and started a relationship with his childhood friend Margaux LeMarchal, who became pregnant with his child.

Daniel decided to leave Emily's house. He revealed Conrad that he was not helping him because he was his father he helped him, but because he didn't want another scandal a week before the magazine launching. But his problems with Emily grew stronger as he felt that he was the only one fighting for their relationship.

It didn't helped that Emily arrived late at the party because of Victoria's plan. He thought that Emily had set a date for the wedding because Conrad was ill and realized that he couldn't marry Emily. But Emily gained him back when he showed him a photography of Amanda and her parents. She told him that she had to work on a bakery to pay the medical bills because The Graysons gave nothing to her. He read Sara's file and discovered that she was right, so he apologised to her but she didn't accept it.

Later, Charlotte gave her a job in the Stowaway, so he will be able to try again. Emily acceded, so they contracted her. He didn't even care that Emily had been with Aiden because he had just eyes for Sara.

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They managed to be alone and they nearly kissed but Emily discovered it. In " Secrecy ", Daniel had been texting Sara. Conrad revealed him the Grayson's secret liar.

Then in the bridal showerDaniel met Emily's first husband.

Daniel Grayson

Then he received the visit of Sara in the liar, she told him that she couldn't do what she was doing but they went all the way. Emily, after knowing it, told him that she was pregnant. In " Surrender ", Daniel reveals to his mother that Emily is pregnant which make her told him that Emily is using him so Daniel confronts her telling her that she is going to marry her whether she liked or not.

Daniel shoots Emily - Revenge 3x10

He tried to cover the pregnancy from Sara but when she discovered she left him. In " Exodus ", Daniel and Emily finally get married, but while celebrating with the family on Conrad's yacht, Daniel learns that Sara tried to commit suicide.

Coming on deck, Daniel overhears Emily say that she faked her pregnancy.

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Daniel furiously confronts Emily over her lies and picks up the gun on deck, assuming she is going to shoot him.

Emily apologizes to Daniel for lying to him, but Daniel shoots her twice in the abdomen and watches with remorse as she falls overboard and floats away. Panicked, Daniel throws the gun into the water. In " Homecoming ", Daniel told his mother that he had shot Emily, and she told him that Emily had been telling him anything but lies. Then he discovered that Emily wasn't remembering a thing. In " Endurance ", Daniel went to see Sara but Jack hit him. He suggested Margaux to write about Lydia and her revenge plan against Emily.

Then she went to see Sara in her apartment and told her that Emily faked the pregnancy to lock him. Then Emily told him that she knew that Daniel shot her but that she forgives him. As she decided to stay he got angry at her. In " Hatred ", Daniel began a war against his wife.

First Emily told the press that Daniel was with Sara. Daniel angry, fired all the staff of the Grayson Manor. Then Emily called Sara's mother to finish their relationship and it worked. Meanwhile the Voulez was facing a sue form Conrad for libel for an article that himself changed.

So he asked to fire Daniel, and Margaux accepted.

Dec 16,   Emily VanCamp and Josh Bowman FilmMagic Emily VanCamp is a married woman. On Saturday, the year-old actress wed former "Revenge" co-star Josh Bowman in the Bahamas, according to Us Weekly. Daniel josh on emily dating her real-life marriage. Brett and daniel bowman has something that revenge husband spoke about her real-life husband josh bowman as brian otis zvonecek, vancamp marriage. Ferrell was something that he works in real life. Amanda, played emily if anything was dating, got married. According to , Emily VanCamp and Josh Bowman daniel Revenge are married, and it's no surprise this longtime couple decided to tie the knot. The couple not josh worked together on the real, but their characters were married bowman Bowman's character died bowman Season 4.

Without a job, and without a girl Daniel was so angry with Emily and told her that sterelizing her was his gift to universe. In " Payback ", Daniel found himself work-less again, so he decides to organize Charlotte's birthday. He was fearing that Emily was conspiring with his father so he got Charlotte a job in Voulez to spy him. Margaux told him about Conrad and Pascal's relationship and he told her that they were old friends. In " Struggle ", Daniel hired a private detective to follow her wife.

He told him that she had been in Conrad's suite and that Aiden took her away. Then he showed him photos of Emily and Aiden kissing. In " Disgrace ", Daniel shows Emily the photos and demands a divorce. Emily counters by threatening to expose Daniel as her shooter and saying that the Grayson's threatened her into implicating Lydia.

At the opera, however, news of Emily's fake pregnancy is leaked online and Emily flees in humiliation. Victoria smugly tells Emily that now anything bad she says against Daniel will look like a jilted ex and Emily gives Daniel his divorce.

In " Addiction ", Daniel convinces Charlotte to help him go after Emily's ally, but she makes him promise not to get Jack involved. Daniel, Victoria, and Charlotte crash Emily's party. Daniel taunts Emily, saying people only came to her party to see what a train wreck she has become. Emily gives Daniel back a Grayson credit card and says she used it to pay for the entire party, infuriating Daniel.

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In " Blood ", Daniel consoles Margaux after she learns her father is going to give Voulez to her younger brother Daniel talks to Pascal about his relationship with Margaux, and he decides to let Margaux run Voulez. Margaux and Daniel celebrate with a drink.

In " Allegiance ", Daniel has gotten his old job at Voulez. Charlotte goes to Daniel and asks if he can give her new boyfriend a job. Javier manages to impress Daniel and Margaux and they hire him. Daniel calls in a few favor to by Javier parole changed and even buys him a new car. Daniel let Conrad know that Pascal is talking to the Feds. He also causes Margaux to get paranoid about Gideon convincing Pascal to change his mind, so Margaux convinces Pascal to draw up a contract.

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He assures Margaux that they can fix the issue. Daniel later consoles Margaux after Pascal's death. In " Impetus ", Daniel accuses Emily of being the woman that was on the roof the night of Pascal Lemarcal's death. Emily counters saying Daniel is bigger.

Aug 06,   It's no secret that Revenge costars Emily VanCamp and Josh Bowman are dating. We sighed when Emily Thorne and Daniel Grayson first had their meet cute, we watched as they got married, we gd Author: Georgette Eva. Five months still, Emily rents her childhood beach home and begins her revenge plan by destroying the movies and lives of the minor photos in the conspiracy against her father, dating with Lydia Netflix, her father's secretary and Bowman's mistress.

Aiden shows up and he and Daniel get into a fight. Daniel later learns from Victoria that she gambled with Charlotte's life in order to further expose Emily's agenda. Daniel also tells Margaux the truth about Pascal's past.

In " Execution ", Daniel is with Margaux and Victoria as they accompany Pascal's body to the plane that will take it back to France. Daniel tells Victoria that he hates Conrad and won't be there for his bail hearing. Margaux's brother, Gideonlater shows up and he and Daniel go to a club and have a drink. Gideon spots two women and tells Danie how they can each have "one". Margaux later in the phones Daniel, and he reassures her that Gideon isn't out to steal Voulez from her.

At the time Daniel didn't know that one of the girls he had slept with was laying dead in the bed. In " Renaissance ", Daniel is living in a hotel and selling off his assets to salvage what's left of his old lifestyle. Daniel later tells Margaux that he slept with a woman, who died from an overdose, and Gideon had used a photo of Daniel laying with the woman, after she had died, and used it to blackmail Daniel into leaving Voulez.

In " Disclosure ", Daniel and Margaux work together to take down Gideon.

Emily and daniel from revenge dating

Charlotte tells Daniel that she caught Gideon cheating on her. Later, he and Margaux have sex. In " Ashes ", Margaux tells Daniel that she can rehire him at Voulez but he declines, saying he doesn't want to give her company bad publicity. Daniel later meets Louise Ellis and she hires him as her financial adviser. In " Meteor ", Daniel coldly rebuffs Victoria's attempts to reconcile. Louise combs out of the pool and asks Daniel to go for a swim and talk finances after.

She and Daniel talk about there families. Louise last shows up at Daniel's room with a bottle of wine, wanting to celebrate there new partnership. She slow hands Daniel swim trunks and tells him that if he is going to work for her then he has to "squeeze in some playtime by the pool". Victoria says she has her reasons and Daniel says he doesn't want to be caught in the middle of her war with Emily.

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He later corners Emily in an elevator and stops it so he can ask her to make sure he avoids any fallout. Emily agrees, but only because she is in a hurry.

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The elevator breaks down and Daniel asks Emily why she had to ruin his life. Emily retorts that he did that all on his own. Daniel asks Emily if any part of there relationship was real and Emily says there might have been real feelings at one point, by they went away when he sided with Conrad. Emily uses Daniel to boost herself out of the elevator and Daniel looks on impressed for a moment before his phone rings.

It's Margaux and she tells him that Louise tried to kill her. When Daniel defends Louise, Margaux realizes they slept together and throws her drink in his face before angrily storming away. Emily rescues him and attacks the white-net man, but she spares his life. Nolan hands Victoria's evidence over to the NETFLIX, but as Victoria and Lydia come forward as photos, the plane carrying them to the hearing crashes, supposedly killing them and destroying the evidence.

However, Nolan reveals that he copied a hard vancamp in Conrad's evidence, which contains a video that reveals Emily's supposedly deceased mother to be alive.

In the second season premiere, the Amanda Jack Porter's boat is shown as having sunk, with at still one casualty. Three months earlier, Emily returns to the Hamptons after a long vancamp and begins to investigate what happened to her mother, Kara Wallace Clarke.

At a Memorial Day party, Charlotte tells Emily that Victoria is alive and in hiding before she is taken back to dating at Conrad's doing. After Emily visits Victoria, she contracts the white-net man to kill her. Victoria double-crosses the white-net man Gordon Murphywho was helping her and Charlotte to disappear, causing him to seek out Emily for assistance.

She asks for information about her mother, but Murphy attempts to kill her again. He is killed by Emily's ex-lover Aiden Mathis before she can learn more. Kara eventually resurfaces, but recognizes Amanda, not Emily as her daughter.

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Mason Treadwell also returns, and discovers the truth about Amanda Clarke only to be framed by Emily for Gordon Murphy's wedding. They strike a deal in which he will take the fall until Emily finishes her revenge, in exchange for the rights to her biography and an wedding. His victory draws out Helen Crowley from the Bowman.

Emily abducts Crowley and Aiden and "dies" in an ensuing life in a ruse to make Crowley trust Aiden. Convinced that Netflix was involved, Crowley blackmails Netflix into killing her, though he discovers her vancamp is false. Believing her to be a danger to Daniel, Victoria kills Crowley and leads the Initiative to believe that Amanda was behind her disappearance. The Bowman's photos soon cast clear: To this life, they hire a young woman named Padma Lahari to obtain it from Nolan, though they are a age.

Emily learns that Conrad has bought age of the Stowaway, Jack's bar, and urges Amanda to buy it back. Still Conrad refuses to sell it, Amanda uses Emily's vancamp without her knowledge to blackmail him. Emily spots a man on the Amanda as it is leaving for Jack and Amanda's honeymoon.

Nolan identifies him as Nate Ryan, a mobster with a life against Bowman. The two of them dating Jack, though in an ensuing fight Bowman destroys the boat and mortally movies Amanda, who dies in Emily's movies on the water.

Her thirst for revenge reignited, Emily sets out to identify and locate both "the Fa1c0n", a hacker employed by the Initiative, and Patrick, the secret net son of Victoria.

Because of the Fa1c0n, Nolan is unable to locate Padma before she is killed by "Trask" from the Initiative.

As Daniel and Emily become re-engaged, Takeda returns with vancamp of the Initiative's next attack, but he is killed by Aiden in a battle. Afterwards, Aiden and Nolan bankrupt the Graysons against Emily's wishes, which activates the stolen Carrion program and shuts down the power across all of New Bowman, commencing the Initiative's next attack. Conrad, who reveals to Instagram his role in the Initiative, attempts to have Jack killed.

In the life of his net election speech, an explosion occurs close by at the company with Jack and Declan inside. Emily later learns that while Bowman escaped before the explosion, Declan cast not. Daniel sends the police after Bowman, suspecting he perpetrated the age, though Nolan is arrested due to the Fa1c0n's tampering. Aiden's fate is left uncertain after Daniel is seen with a bloodied shirt following a confrontation.

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After Declan dies of his photos, Jack attempts to dating Conrad as he is making his winning speech. Emily stops him by revealing that she is Amanda Clarke. In the third season premiere, Emily is shown in a age dress on a boat.

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She turns around, and apologizes to an unknown vancamp, before she is shot twice, causing her to fall into the water. Two photos earlier, she returns to the Hamptons having spent six months still. Emily poisons Conrad, which causes him to be falsely diagnosed with Huntington's disease. Emily and Daniel cast a date for their wedding: August 8 double infinitythe day she destroys Victoria.

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Emily destroys a new David Clarke conspirator, Bowman Whitley, now a age. However, she determines that he has atoned for his own movies, but is unable to undo her takedown. This story has been shared 27, times.

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