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Although some tiny houses have full sinks and even vanities, others can only fit small appliances and fixtures. Cooking for a family may be difficult on these two burners. Many tiny houses do not have a typical four-burner stove. Since every bit of floor space is important, one tiny house owner decided to have her fridge pull out of a drawer in her kitchen. Though there's less space in her fridge, it does save space in her house. While some tiny houses have full-size tables, most have smaller tabletops that pull out from the wall or, in this case, from the countertop. Tiny houses are all about compromise.

It will probably bore her. Engage mutual topics, topics you think she would enjoy talking about as much as you would.

A little trick I like to do is subtly finding out what she likes via Facebook or such and pretends I like those things too. It is not a noble thing to do but it can be a conversation starter.

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