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From the moment Riverdale started airing last year, you knew there was something special about Jughead and Betty. Cole Sprouse and Lili Reinhart's chemistry was LIT from the very start which is probably why they're rumored to be dating in real life. Their story - star-crossed lovers from opposite sides of the city locked in a civil war - is just too amazing not to fall in love with. In the first episode of Riverdale , Betty's only got eyes for one guy: Archie Andrews. And who could blame her?

Reinhart has talked about how uncomfortable fans' obsession with their romance has made her. Emphasis on 'my. I also want to point out that there is a difference between shipping Betty and other characters, and shipping me with literally everyone I make eye contact with.

It's up to the actors to confirm the news on their own time, but fans are ecstatic about the photos. World globe An icon of the world globe, indicating different international options.

Anjelica Oswald. Snapchat icon A ghost. Theories have said the actors have been dating in real life for months.

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They haven't confirmed the news. New photos from Paris show the two kissing and holding hands. TV Dating Relationship Celebrity. Come on, Alice. Leave the kids alone! Later, when Betty is freaking out about her parents' increasingly hostile relationship, Jughead comforts her and convinces her not to give up because she's the one holding her family together which is terrible advice because, like, that's totally not her responsibility, Jughead, but whatever It's Jughead's birthday and Betty is hard at work trying to plan her boyfriend the perfect celebration - which is proving to be difficult, since he hates birthdays and everyone's trying to get her to drop her brilliant birthday plan.

But Betty doesn't give up and throws Jughead a low-key birthday party, which causes an argument.

May 04,   Jughead and Betty may be openly in love on Riverdale, but Cole Sprouse and Lili Reinhart are far less forthcoming about their real-life couple have been together since , but they Author: Noelle Devoe. Mar 30,   Jughead and Betty are in the throws of a passionate makeout sesh when Alice barges into Betty's room to announce she's going to be writing a no-holds-barred takedown of the Blossoms. Come on Occupation: Entertainment Editor. Mar 18,   Yes, Betty has been dating Jughead since way back in Season 1, and they've stuck together through thick and thin, through serial killer dads and murderous cults. (They even faked Jughead's Author: Dave Nemetz.

Betty is shocked Jughead is actually upset she threw him a party and wishes he could be normal for one night like, it's the thought that counts, right? When Jughead's private party gets hijacked by Cheryl and her crew, Jughead is piiiiisssssed.

So despite the fact that Betty successfully got F. Later, when Cheryl forces the partygoers to play a game of "Secrets and Sins," Chuck Clayton reveals what Betty did to him in the hot tub in "Body Double" to make him admit to lying about what went down between him and Veronica. Jughead punches him in the face to defend Betty. Guess he's not totally convinced their relationship won't work. Later at Pop's, Jughead admits to Betty that he overreacted and he knows she was just doing something nice for his birthday, sharing that when people do something nice for him, he "short circuits" and lashes out because he's scared of getting hurt.

They make up and kiss. Betty is planning Riverdale's homecoming dance while her mom, Alice, is dead-set on figuring out who murdered Jason Blossom - and FP is high on her list of suspects.

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Alice invites Jughead and FP over for a pre-homecoming dinner under the pretense that she wants the Cooper and Jones family to get to know each other. Jughead is super excited about it.

Betty knows she has ulterior motives and confronts her about it, but doesn't have the heart to hurt Jughead's feelings with the truth.

Jughead and betty are dating in real life

So the dinner must go on. At the dinner, Alice goes on the attack, grilling FP on what he does for the Southside Serpents and whether he was upset that Hirem Lodge bought the drive-in land. At this point, FP and Jughead totally know what Alice is up to and FP fights fire with fire, bringing up the massive "life or death" fight he overheard she and Hal having at homecoming when they were high schoolers.

bughead forever. New photos seem to confirm that everyone's favorite "Riverdale" couple are dating in real life. Lili Reinhart, 21, and Cole Sprouse, 25, play Betty and Jughead on the hit CW drama. Bughead, as the couple are lovingly called by fans, have had an on-again, off-again relationship since the show's first season. Oct 17,   Season 1, Episode 7 ("Chapter Seven: In a Lonely Place") Jughead, who now lives in a small closet at school, has a '50s-style dream about being married to Betty and literally stabbing Archie.

When Alice tell him to shut up, he calls Alice out. But don't jerk me around. Not in front of my son," he said, before Betty announced she and Jughead were leaving to go to the dance and threw her mom some serious shade for being sheisty to her bae.

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Before the dance, Jughead tells FP he'd like to move back in with him and the good news is that FP feels the same way. The bad news: He wants to reunite with his mom and Jellybean somewhere far, far away from Riverdale and, more importantly, Betty. At the dance, Jughead tells Betty that his relationship with FP is better than ever and that he has news to tell her later presumably that he's moving away with FP.

But unbeknownst to him, the police are at FP's searching his home for proof that he was involved with Jason Blossom's murder.

'Riverdale' Jughead And Betty Dating In Real Life Is A Thing

Plus, he finds out that Betty's mom tricked him and FP into going to her dinner so Veronica and Archie could search his trailer. He lashes out at Betty for not warning him. Making things worse, the police find a gun in FP's trailer and arrest him for Jason's murder. But the good news is that they solve the mystery together and it FP isn't the murderer. Clifford Blossom murdered Jason. In the season finale, Veronica reveals to Betty that she and Archie have been hooking up and Betty is totally okay with it.

But Archie isn't totally convinced and goes to speak with her alone - kind of hinting that after shutting her down romantically at the beginning of the season, he actually has always harbored some feelings for her? She's amazing," Archie said about Veronica. That's when Betty stopped him in his tracks, pointing out that she's happy with Jughead.

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Don't you think? To have found the people that we were meant to be with and that we're all friends! Who would have thought at the beginning of the school year. As for Betty, she seems far more sure of her feelings, telling Veronica once more that she's totally cool with her relationship with Archie later when they're hanging out at her house.

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Meanwhile, with FP in jail under charges of tampering with evidence and his mom on the other side of the country, Jughead is placed in the foster care system and may have to move to the Southside with a foster family in a week - which means he won't be at Riverdale High with Betty anymore.

When someone writes "Go to hell serpent slut," on Betty's locker in pig's blood for writing an article about FP's innocence in The Blue and Gol Jughead begins to feel like him being with Betty is doing more harm than good.

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The next day, Bughead enrolls at Southside High, explaining that it's where he belongs. Later, in the parking lot of Southside High, Veronica tells Archie that Jusghead and Betty are soulmates, which appears to annoy Archie. Veronica asks him why the 'tude, but before he can respond, Cheryl texts Veronica a suicide note and the core four rush to the river to save Cheryl.

Later, Archie explains that his "wistful" look was about him wanting to be for Veronica what Jughead is for Betty, so looks like Bughead don't have anything to worry about?

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Later, Jughead attends the Riverdale Jubilee where Betty slams the townspeople for turning their backs on important parts of Riverdale, like Jughead and FP, because they're not perfect. They begin to make out and it looks like they could do more, but they're interrupted by a knock at the door.

It's the Southside Serpents. They tell Jughead that they know FP didn't name names to the police to get out of jail and because of that, they're going to protect Jughead. They offer Jughead a Southside Serpent jacket and he accepts it - which Betty, who's watching from inside the trailer, does NOT look happy about.

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Betty and Jughead, named Bughead by fan's who "ship" the couple, ended the first season together but unsure what the future was going to hold. The real-life couple had been reported to be dating for a while now. Since March, fans have been speculating online and analyzing the actor's Anjelica Oswald. Jul 24,   But not only is Jughead dating Betty in the show, Jughead and Betty are dating in real life. Elite Daily reached out to both Cole Sprouse's team and Lili Reinhart's team for confirmation, but did Author: Ani Bundel.

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