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On the other hand, an alcoholic who has shown a firm commitment to recovery, who has a foundation of sober time, and who has looked at his or her past behavior and attitudes and become willing to repair them where necessary, can certainly be an attractive partner. Dating an alcoholic in recovery who embraces these principles can certainly be a rewarding experience. Myself My friend My family member. How can we help you? Join the Conversation Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

Whether you are single and getting sober, or recovery is a part of your relationship, here are some tips to help you date smarter and safer.

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Recovery is an ongoing process of self-discovery. A therapeutic environment is a necessity for learning more functional patterns of behavior and gaining insight into the origins of your disease. In therapy, you will work on assessing readiness, especially for the dating game.

Dating a Recovering Alcoholic

Facing uncharted dating territory without your usual liquid courage can increase your risk for relapse. It is imperative to approach this topic honestly, like you would hopefully approach the rest of the relationship. Your sobriety is a part of your life and there is no need to be ashamed of the amazing work you have done to get to this point.

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Being upfront, if not preemptive, will help you to reduce the chance of a slip up, avoid risky surroundings for dates and weed out the people who may be uncomfortable with dating someone in recovery.

However, it is important to consider that 12 step purports waiting one full year before starting a new relationship. The first year should be focused on working the program and working on yourself. Recovering addicts need time to learn how to cope with stressors and deal with urges.

Beginning a new relationship too early can add to those stressors and actually tap into the parts of the brain associated with addiction. If you date too soon, you may also be using the relationship as a way to quell the urges in early recovery. It is common for addicts to seek instant gratification and experience a transfer of addictions, particularly in the earlier phases.

Take time in sobriety to reset those dopamine receptors.

Dating an alcoholic in recovery

Be aware that diving into a new relationship can trigger the same receptors. Ask yourself if you are really ready to share your time with a significant other, or if you are using relationships as a distraction.

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If you are already dating someone, it is a good idea to discuss with your partner the pace of the relationship. Try to avoid making any big decisions within your first year, like moving in together, marriage or children.

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Try to avoid making any big decisions within your first year, such as moving in together, marriage or children. In order to achieve long-term sobriety, you have to put your program first.


This remains true, regardless of your relationship status. The excitement of a new relationship can lead to a shift in priorities. You may neglect the parts of your routine that were helping you to stay sober. How can we help you? Join the Conversation Your email address will not be published.

Be upfront about your recovery

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If you move forward with the relationship, be aware of a few unique cts of dating someone in recovery. For instance, depending on the recovering addict's particular needs, you may need to. Oct 05, Being in a relationship with a recovering alcoholic or addict certainly comes with unique challenges. If you've decided to move forward with dating an addict, here are some dos and don'ts. Use these tips to make having a relationship with an addict in recovery a lot easier for you accessory-source.com: Mccarton Ackerman.

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And so the plan began. I had my bag packed already. I went to the house, feeling super awkward and scared. This is for the best. Without a freaking slap to the face. And not just from a girls standpoint, because physical and emotional abuse can happen to anyone.

But we need to stand tall, be strong, and end it before it gets too bad.

The Most Common Mistakes When Loving An Alcoholic or Substance Abuser

Talk to someone. File a report. If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction, New Start can help. You are safe and we can help you.

Call us at or browse our website for more information. Zach was really cool in the beginning. And then he started to become a dick. And Then We Hosted a Party.

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Treatment Didn't Last Long. I Finally Said Goodbye.

Principles of recovery like honesty, self-awareness, and concern for another's well-being are essential to any healthy relationship. Dating an alcoholic in recovery who embraces these principles can certainly be a rewarding experience. As with any other ct of addiction and recovery, everyone is different. Still, experts almost universally advise against making any major changes in your life in the first year of sobriety - and that includes dating and/or jumping into a new relationship, or ending an existing relationship or marriage. Jul 08, Whether or not someone chooses to avoid relationships for a period of time in early sobriety or not, certain cts of dating a recovering alcoholic remain. A recovering author in a piece for Cosmopolitan wrote: " Drinking is one of the many socially acceptable ways to mitigate the self-protective barriers we erect to deal with dating.

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If you had been dating him for a while or were in a long, loving relationship, my answer would have been to help him see it through, learn about what it's like for an alcoholic to recover from alcohol addiction and be as supportive as accessory-source.com: Eric Charles. Jun 20, Dating an Alcoholic. If you came here for a love story, you're on the wrong page. I'm going to talk about the last 3 years; dating him, being engaged, and gaining enough strength to end it before he had the chance to hit me for the millionth time. The good, the bad and the ugly. For story purposes, let's call my ex-boyfriend Zach. Nov 28, A relationship with an alcoholic isn't impossible, but it does take a certain finesse. Over time, a recovered alcoholic should be able to cope more effectively with his illness, but during times of stress or significant life changes his desire to drink may intensify. Discuss her alcoholism with her. Attend an Al-Anon support group.

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