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No, not at a movie on Saturday night. Not that kind of date. Instead, I mean how do you tell how old your Ball jar is? One of the most common emails I receive comes with a description of a jar-e. Luckily, there are some tips and tricks you can use to determine an approximate age for your jar. First check the logo, which changed fairly frequently until about

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Could Your Old Mason Jars Be Valuable? Check For These Tell-Tale Signs

For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Ball is one of the most recognized names in home canning.

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In the early s, there were hundreds of brands of Mason jars, but only a few stood the test of time. Ironically, while it's one of the more iconic products of all time, few people know the history behind the ageless invention. InBall Corporation began manufacturing glass home-canning jars, the product that established Ball as a household name and licensed Mason's design. There are few everyday objects more iconic than the Ball Mason jar.

Stand it up next to the most memorable product designs of all time e. Perhaps it's the timeless logo, the inexplicably comfortable weight of the vessel, or the effortless balance between elegance and utility that has secured Ball's success for the last century.

Dating ball ideal mason jars

Ironically, while the Ball Mason jar is one of the more iconic products of all time, few people know the history behind the ageless invention. Download it, read it, love it.

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Today, food manufacturers, restaurateurs, and home canners understand the finer points of preserving food. But years ago, people weren't considering nor truly conscious of the potential dangers of expired food or inadequately sealed vegetables. Without a thorough understanding of food preservation, foodborne illnesses such as botulism, listeria, and e.

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Coli were significant threats. While rudimentary canning, pickling, and curing practices helped extend the lifespan of people's food, it wasn't until John Landis Mason invented his airtight invention, The Mason jarthat the art of food preservation was perfected.

The Purpose Behind the Jar

Mason was only 26 when he filed his jar patent! However, the journey to creating the ultimate jar was no simple process. The conical shape of this chuck allowed him to create a cap that sealed as it was tightened.

The "B17" is probably a mold number, so that in itself gives us no information on age. I can say that the clear Ball Perfect Mason jars all date after , when the color was changed from aqua or "Ball Blue" to clear glass. Beyond that, I can't speculate on the exact year of manufacture on any of the later clear jars. Aug 25,   Issued only from to , this jar could double as a dispenser for a coffee grinder. The short production window gives it considerable cache. VALUE: $1, 3. E-Z SEAL BY ATLAS. The amber hue is more than just decorative. When it was produced in , there was a misconception that the dark shade prevented spoilage. VALUE: $Author: Joshua Lyon. This chart shows how the label for the Ball jar company, which started producing mason jars in , has changed over time. If you have a jar with one of the older logos, it will likely be worth Author: Laura Caseley.

However, the problem of food preservation went much deeper than a fitted lid. Mason needed a vessel, one with uniform threads that matched the cap.

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Because it didn't exist already, Mason did what he did best: he invented another product, this time a "Mold for Making Bottles.

From here, his inventions naturally improved, and Mason ultimately filed the patent for the "Improvement In Screw-Neck Bottles," on November 30, It was the first hermetically re-sealable glass jar US A. These improvements, coupled with a rubber washer, transformed the capabilities of the home canning industry and solidified Mason's place in history.

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The lid of this s jar made in Canada has a metal band with a glass top-the result of the government deem- ing it unsanitary for metal to directly touch canned foods. Manganese added to the jars created a purple tint when exposed to the sun. The color was initially an error, but manufacturers began selling the popular shade in This s style was known for its lever tops.

Buyer beware: Reproductions abound.

How to Date Old Ball Mason Jars. Ball mason jars are a type of home canning jar made by the Ball Corporation. The company started making mason jars back in and many people today still use these for canning, or collect the jars as a. How to Date Old Ball Mason Jars pins. Mar 26,   Preserving History. reCAP Mason Jar FLIP Top Lid, Regular Mouth. As low as $ Add to Cart. Add to Compare. reCAP Mason Jar Soap Dispenser Lid & Pump Cap, Regular Mouth, Natural. $ Add to Cart. Add to Compare. reCAP Mason Jar POUR Lid. As low as $ Add to Cart. Add to Compare. reCAP.

If a lid's metal looks pristine, it's likely too good to be true. When this jar's two- plate top with a wingnut proved defective, most were thrown out.

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Today the scarce find proves that one era's trash is another's treasure. Today, Ball is the most sought- after brand.

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Here's a cheat sheet to determining a jar's approximate age:. Country Life. Design Ideas.

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Dating a Ball Mason Jar Ball mason jars are still being produced up to this day and there are no signs of stopping soon. But if you're one of the lucky ones to have found an old Ball mason jar, or if you are an avid collector of such items, then dating these things is very important. The logo will tell you how to date Ball mason jars. The Mason jar was patented by Landis Mason in and Ball started producing these jars in Later, the process was "perfected" by Ball in when his factory was able to produce both the lid and jar to ensure a perfect fit each time. They were first made in Buffalo in and for several years after. But, you say, how can the date be correct, since you have a jar embossed with a patent date of That was the date when John Mason received his patent for the threaded screw-type closure, and it appears on many different brands of jars.

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