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Whether you are already dating a Gemini man or considering dating one; here are some tips that may help you to figure out who you are dealing with. He has up sides and he has down side. Gemini men always have tons of things to talk about. He is well versed in many topics and thus will make it hard for you to ever be bored. This guy is always sure to be the life of the party.

Your Gemini Man is likely to find orange appealing.

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Because orange is an energetic color that attracts. Geminis require stamina, and your Man will certainly appreciate a woman who has no trouble keeping up with him inside or outside the bedroom. Deep, philosophical conversations. Intense, but well-controlled debates, learning through lectures or other means of communication. Your Gemini will appreciate music, magazines, books, and chatting with just about anyone who is willing. He will also enjoy taking trips as long as they are short and sweet.

The Gemini Man wants a comfortable environment, but often he spends more time in his head then he does focusing on the condition of his external surroundings. Therefore, he might end up unintentionally neglecting his physical surroundings by filling it up with sources of knowledge, be it tons of newspapers, literature, magazines, and books. Gemini And Gemini. x. Gemini & Gemini Sexual & Intimacy Compatibility. When we think of two Gemini in a sexual relationship, it is okay if we laugh a little. The image that comes to mind could easily be the image of two people with split personalities, trying to have sex by banging their heads together and talking at the same time. Although. Whether you are already dating a Gemini man or considering dating one; here are some tips that may help you to figure out who you are dealing with. He has up sides and he has down side. I'm here to help you discover both. Pros: 1. The Gift of Gab. Gemini men .

People who do not communicate clearly or effectively. Information that is false, untrue, unclear, or misleading. False promises. Those who do listen intently to the spoken word and who, instead, focus on giving a reply or think about what to say next, thus leading to the loss of effective communication.

Superficial thought or talk; a Gemini Man is a deep, reflective thinker and one who craves intense interaction equal to or greater than the level of intelligence the Gemini currently has as this is how the Gemini learns best. If the Gemini establishes balance, he will greatly disapprove of superficiality, disingenuousness, duplicity, lies, gossiping, harmful words, and bullying of any kind.

Your intellectual Gemini man may feel as if the second part of himself his twin is missing all his life, and he, therefore, starts to seek out people to fill that role, even if it is on a subconscious level. The fact is Geminis are social and love to have plenty of friends. Remember, Geminis love to talk and share knowledge. So, it should be no surprise if your Gemini Man has a thousand friends on Facebook and a new friend he introduces to you on a weekly basis!

Family is an important element to your Gemini Man as well, including siblings. In adulthood, the Gemini Man has a tighter family bond than ever before. Geminis can be great dads too! He can be funny, charming, and he passes on these characteristics to his children as well. He establishes amazingly strong bonds with his kids, so much so that these bonds are lifelong and unbreakable! If there are siblings in the household, they tend to get along with Geminis easily enough although his social nature might be more trickster-ish in nature as a child.

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Just as these guys are great dads, they make terrific friends too. Anytime you want someone to socialize that Gemini Guy is happy to be there. When you need a bit of advice, he often has the smarts to help as well.

The fiery signs are those that can handle the extreme nature of the Gemini Man the best, at least for the most part, but Aquarius and Libra also make great mates.

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Aries is one that can keep up with the rapid pace the Gemini Man is so used to living by, and they both share a need for adventure and excitement.

In the bedroom, Aries and Gemini can ignite! Leo, a fiery, strong Zodiac sign is also an ideal pairing for Gemini, as it takes a strong-willed one to keep up with the dualistic nature of a Gemini Man.

Gemini woman - information and insights on the Gemini woman. Gemini horoscope - daily, weekly and monthly Gemini horoscopes. Gemini compatibility - the compatibility of gemini with the other astrological signs in love, sex, relationships and life. Gemini history - the history of Gemini and the stories behind it. He charmed you into commitment. But, you soon realized that dating a Gemini man is not an easy task. Well, the tips mentioned below will be helpful to you. Tips on Dating a Gemini Male. For those who may not be aware, a Gemini man is the one born between 21st May to 20th June. The symbol for a Gemini is a two-faced coin, or double-edged insignia, so the stereotype that a Gemini is two-faced has been the most popular notion in Astrology groups. While this may be a true downside to being born under the Gemini constellation, there .

Libras crave balance which is what the Gemini needs. Thus, Libra can prove the answer to unanswered prayers. Yes, it is true the two signs share the same desire for knowledge, but the Gemini Man is carefree and social while Virgo is more introverted and prone to worrying about everything.

When gift buying for the Gemini Man, go for the unusual, innovative, novel, and unique. A surprise party with all his friends will prove perfect! Janus is a two-faced God in the Roman Pantheon who corresponds with the New Year: One face looks to the past and the other the future, thereby bring all time together into the present.

Dating A Gemini Man: Overview. Getting together with the Gemini man will be a challenge, for sometimes it feels as if you are dating two different people. Symbolized in astrology by the Twins, he changes moods very quickly. His active lifestyle may leave you reeling, but if you can keep up with him he'll take you far!Author: Donna Roberts. Gemini man is mercurial, and the short exchanges of texts and emails make him feel caught up in a real social whirl. There he is at the bar, checking his iPhone for messages, but eyes darting around taking in the scene. Apr 19,   ATED April 18th, Gemini reigns the zodiac from May 21 till June We happen to have a few 'Twins' on staff here at Mamiverse and we've been studying them up close to better understand what makes these truly unique creatures tick, and to see if the following Gemini characteristics hold true. Of course, we try to not engage in relationships based .

He represents both reflection and hope, and the duality of the Gemini Zodiac Sign. They are also very social, have lots of friends, are fun loving and adventurous. Therefore, when dating this man, it will greatly benefit if you too follow the suite.

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When with this man, you are going to have a lot of fun and enjoy life like never before. You can also come up with new ideas, plan adventurous dates, etc.

The Gemini man is known for his every changing nature and you need to simply learn to adapt to it. He may be divinely romantic today and even forget to call you tomorrow.

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It is a known fact that understanding a Gemini man thoroughly is very difficult. Therefore, a simple solution, just adapt to the change, take things as they come and live on. This is because of his complex and ever changing nature.

Dating gemini male

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Those with a lot of mutable energies of their own - Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius or Pisces - could find the stability in the rhythm of constant change.

Dating A Gemini Man: Do You Have What It Takes?

Many Geminis are nervous and have a high-strung temperament. Since we live in anxious times already, the Gemini man could find it nearly impossible to fully wind down. If you sense there's potential for intimacy, look for ways to soothe his nerves, with calming foods and culture that uplifts.

You might be a calming influence, or you could be just as wired. Look into creating a mood to go deeper, and settle for the moment.

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It could help to have dinner at home, instead of going out to a busy restaurant, for example. It takes time and patience in some cases to win the heart of a Gemini man. The Moon and other planets offer big clues, to the man behind the personable mask.

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The Gemini man can be calculating, and seemingly cut off from his emotions at times. In a funk, his thoughts are dark.

Apr 30,   Hands-on dating tips. During the first date with the Gemini man you'll feel like you are speed dating. Subjects of discussion will be covered very fast. You will determine if things are to be taken ahead or not. A dual sign, the Gemini guy will seem romantic on one occasion and a comedian in the other.

If he's in a cruel state-of-mind, and you're in his sight lines, watch out. It's harder for emotionally sensitive types to deal with his erratic moods. Water signs can find it exhausting and earth signs unsettling. That's why when it comes to the four elementsthe Gemini man clicks with fire signs and other air signs best.

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