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The work duties of an ALT will vary depending on the needs of the contracting organisation, however, common ALT duties include the following:. What are the work duties of a CIR? The work duties of a CIR will vary depending on the needs of the contracting organisation, where they generally assist in projects related to international activities carried out by the contracting organisation. Such activities may include:. Do CIRs teach English?

Applicants should read the information on disqualification listed under the eligibility requirements page. Applications with criminal records will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. It is important to honestly answer the questions regarding criminal history in the application and provide as full and detailed an explanation as possible. This includes any criminal history which occurred while the individual was a juvenile or which the individual believes to have been expunged from their record.

The ruling law for the JET Program is Japanese law which requires full disclosure of all criminal history. Individuals with a criminal history will be required to provide an FBI background check instructions for doing so are provided in the application. JET applications are only available in the fall and there is only one application cycle every year. The only exception to this is application for SEA positions if availablewhich are posted in February and due in the spring.

You can only apply for one at a time, not both concurrently. Please do not submit more than one application. Applications that are incomplete i.

Other than ensuring that your application is complete, tips to strengthen your application include:. Please see the information on the How to Apply page for detailed instructions on application procedures and requirements.

All decisions are relevant for the current application year only. Please notify your JET Program coordinator as soon as possible that if you find that you are no longer able to participate. Applicants must reapply to participate in the following year. All JET Program candidates must appear in person at their designated interview site and time without exception. Failure to do so may result in your application being withdrawn from consideration.

Interview notifications are typically sent to applicants in early January. Applicants will be contacted directly by the JET Program coordinator at their interview location. The interviews themselves typically take place in late January or early February. Exact dates are determined by the interview location based on availability of venues, interviewers, etc. Candidates are encouraged to choose whichever location is most accessible for them.

Applicants may request up to three 3 locations on the application. However, while these placement requests will be taken into consideration, we cannot guarantee they will be met.

Married and engaged couples may be given priority in their placement requests, but even in those cases where the couple is requesting to be placed with or near one another, it is possible that their assigned contracting organizations may be distant from one another. Couples should discuss and prepare for this possibility. After departure, all new JET participants will attend Tokyo Orientation before traveling to their placements.

Prefectural JET associations will typically host an orientation for new JETs shortly after their arrival, and they may also organize a skills development conference for all JETs in that prefecture later in the year.

But not too young. I also notice that there has been more married couples and even families coming to Japan with JET. Just go for it! The JET Program sends out their notices when they are good and readyand we just have to sit and wait anxiously by the mailbox or computer until we get their mail! When I applied, they gave me a date of when I should get a reply by. So you could get a reply before that date, but you never know exactly when they will let you know the results.

I think I had to reply pretty quickly about accepting the interview or not. I would be surprised if they even remembered you since they receive tons of applications every year.

I did the interview twice, and there was a couple of people there for both years. Hi Dallen, thank you so much for your quick and thorough response! Hi Dallen!! November It asks for word essay, but how many of the stated questions do I need to answer?

All within the word limit of words, or do i write words for each question meaning words max over all or do i just answer 1 from the list! Very confused! Fear i am just overthinking it all please help a very hopeful future JET out!! Thank you so much, Phoebe. Thanks for the comment. This 1, word limit is new to me.

I just remember the limit being 2 pages, double spaced. Could you copy what is written in the personal statement part of the application? Thanks Phoebe. Good luck with the application!

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Hey, Thank you for the quick reply! Perhaps, 2 pages constitutes to words double spaced? Here is the exact wording of the personal statement section of the application.

You must ensure that it is between and words, printed on A4 paper, font size 12 and double-spaced. Was there any specific problem you had to overcome? If you have not had any experience of living abroad, do you consider yourself to be adaptable to new circumstances and people? What situations have you found yourself in that have required such adaptation?

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If you have little or no experience, imagine you are in front of a class of 40 students, many of whom are not interested in studying English. How would you go about motivating them?

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What methods or approaches do you think you might use? What advantages do you think your methods might have?

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Wow, that is confusing. But this is still pretty similar to the essay I had to write when I applied to the program. The only thing that changed is the question about teaching ideas for the ALT position. It seems like you should answer all 3 of the questions in your personal statement. Definitely put in a lot of effort to answer question 1.

I believe the reason and motivation behind why you want to apply to the JET program is very important in the selection process. This was also one of the questions that I had to write about in my essay when I applied back in Of course, the other questions are important too. Just remember that this is an essay, and should flow very well. I think many people just answer these questions in paragraph form, treating them as individual questions and not as a complete essay that connects all of your ideas and points in an organized manner.

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Your essay should be highly organized and very precise while making sure everything flows together nicely. OF course you want your essay to have creativity and style, but remember that the point of the essay to show the selection committee why they should choose you.

What will you bring to the program and to the community you live in? If you want to be an ALT, what will you do to connect with the kids? When you read your essay, does it answer all of their questions? Just be truthful about it and show them why you would excel anyway. One more thingif you are applying for the ALT position, I believe that they want someone with good energy.

The kind of person that just walks into the room and makes people smile. Someone that is friendly, approachable, and outgoing. Although this is a teaching position, keep in mind that they also want someone who can relate and connect to the children.

Does that makes sense?

valuable opinion

Sorry if I started rambling! If you have any other questions please let me know!

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Good luck on the essay! I do have a couple questions I hope you can give me some advice or answers to though; I was firstly wondering what preparation I can be doing up until the application is opened next month, I have elected my two referees already and should have my references soon so this is not an issue. JET for me would be the experience of a lifetime so I want to put myself out there for the application reader in the best light possible!

Hi Lewis! Yep, I wrote it a while ago, but the information still holds true for most of the application. For the essay, I believe it is the most important part of the application. Of course, the actual application form needs to be error free and show off your best qualifications. But I believe that if they like what they see on your application, your essay will then be the deciding factor of whether they offer you an interview or not. So definitely put in a ton of effort into writing the best essay you can.

Some bad news firstin my experience, JET is now favoring people with teaching experience. But it really helps if you have some experience working with kids or teaching in any capacity.

This could be coaching kids in sports, tutoring people helping friends study, teaching others anything, etc.

1. Do Not Take the Application Lightly - Double, Triple, and Quadruple Check It

Do you have experience with working with children? If you worked with elementary school kids, that would be awesome. So I know JET is looking for people who have experience with elementary school children and who is willing to work in in elementary schools in Japan. The first one is to be truthful about it.

They are looking for someone who can adapt to living and working in Japan, will work hard, is willing to learn and work with other teachers, and of course, someone who brings a good energy.

Good energy is someone who smiles, is friendly, someone you can approach and have fun withjust someone who you know is fun when they walk through the door. As with any job, show the company that you are the best person for the job. The second option, if time allows, is to go out and get some experience. Call up schools to see if you can volunteer by tutoring kids or helping out teachers. Or maybe if there are children in your Aikido class, you could help them.

Any experience you have would be awesome. Also, I want to give you a heads up on what NOT to put in your essay.

If they were speaking to you in Japanese the whole time, that would be a good way to mention you can communicate with others and can adapt to the culture. If you have any other questions feel free to drop me another line. Good luck Lewis!

The JET Programme is an expansive exchange programme administered by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (MIC), the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA), the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) and the Council of Local Authorities for International Relations (CLAIR) in Japan. Through the JET. POSITIONS. ASSISTANT LANGUAGE TEACHER (ALT) ALTs are engaged in language instruction and make up over 90of all JET Program participants. They are mainly assigned to local boards of education or elementary, junior high or senior high schools and carry out their duties under the guidance of language teachers' consultants or Japanese teachers of English . The US JET Program has 19 offices across the United States which act as interview sites. Candidates are encouraged to choose whichever location is most accessible for them. Interviews for the US JET Program are not held outside the United States. You must apply to the JET Program through the JET Program Office in your country of citizenship.

Thanks a lot for this info! Are you still in Japan, by the way?


Did you have the opportunity to further your stay in Japan after the program? Hi Leandro! Yes, the application form can be very confusingI honestly believe they make the application long and somewhat complex to filter out applicants. So please be sure to triple check everything. I wanted to stay in Japan after JET, so I ended up getting other teaching jobs, a game tester job, and even worked in factories.

Your write-up is extremely helpful. Thank you so much for sharing some of your experiences. I have read the period of participation is only for 1 year. Do you know someone who was able to renew and was allowed to extend the period of participation for an additional year? Hi Iris! However, I heard that this can depend on the area you work for, as some local districts might only allow you to re-contract one or two times despite what the official guidelines say.

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This article is very informative. Thanks for this Jack. I will be applying this year. So for my essay, I highlighted my strengths as being in the health sector for 10 years I have encountered different types of people which broaden my perspective, enriched my communication skills and increase my cultural sensitivity. MENU Skip menu. What is JET?

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What is the JET Programme? Why is it called an exchange programme? Firstly, each participant in the JET Programme brings their culture to a local community in Japan, helping it gain personal contact with peoples of other countries. Secondly, each JET Programme participant will learn a great deal about Japan, its language, culture and people.

It is expected that JET Programme participants will share what they learned with their family and friends upon returning home. Is JET like a study abroad programme? An appointment on the JET Programme is a professional commitment with specific terms and conditions set by the appointing local government or private school. Participants are expected to carry out their work duties during their appointment as a civil servant or educator. As a government-sponsored programme, the JET Programme is not a business or language school.

What kind of training and support is there for JET participants? After departing for their placements, most participants receive a more specialised orientation at the prefectural level. Most participants also take part in annual skills development training conferences. CLAIR provides participants with various forms of support, including: free online Japanese language courses, translation and interpretation skills acquisition training, grants for TEFL certification and the JLPT, numerous publications and a monthly newsletter with useful information, mental health counseling service, career fairs, and more.

What is expected of JET participants? JET Programme participants are cultural ambassadors of their home countries, a role that extends beyond regular working hours.

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JET Programme participants are expected to take an active role in the workplace and community, which may include staying late at school to help with club or sports activities, volunteering with local groups, and participating in community events.

When does the JET Programme year begin? JET Programme participants arrive in spring and summer every year. Appointments on the JET Programme are for a period of one year, and acceptance into the programme is not a guarantee of more than one year of participation. If both the contracting organisation and the JET Programme participant are in agreement, JET Programme participants may be reappointed up to two more times, allowing a total of three years of participation on the JET Programme.

A JET Programme participant whose work performance is deemed to be of an exceptionally high standard may be reappointed an additional two more times, allowing for a maximum total of five years on the JET Programme.

JET Programme participants are appointed employed by various individual institutions or local government organisations also called contracting organisations in Japan and the terms and conditions of the appointment are set by each local government. What are the general criteria for joining the JET Programme? Please refer to the eligibility criteria section.

Mar 23,   It's close to that time of the year again. That nerve-wracking, sleep-depriving, checking-your-inbox-everyminutes time of the year again when the interview results for aspiring JETs are released. Last year I wrote a piece on receiving your results, found here. This year I thought I'd approach the topic again and cover the different types of. The below eligibility criteria are for the JET Programme Year and are subject to change for the following year. The below eligibility criteria apply to Assistant Language Teachers (ALTs) and Coordinators for International Relations (CIRs), but not to . Like everything else on the JET program, every situation is different. But in general, foreign men tend to have it a lot easier finding dating partners than women. Dating within the ALT community is also pretty common, assuming you live somewhere with a big enough community.

My home country is not on the participating countries list. Unfortunately, citizens of non-participating countries may only apply to participate in the JET Programme if there is a specific request from a local government in Japan for a JET Programme participant from that country. I am not from an English-speaking country, but I majored in English and have experience as an English teacher.

Can I apply to become an ALT? Depending on your situation, you may be eligible to participate as an ALT.

I graduated from a Junior or Technical College.

Dating jet program

I have not graduated college or university, but I have lived in Japan and I have teaching experience. No, teaching experience is not a requirement for participation on the JET Programme, but such experience will be an asset during the selection process. I do not speak Japanese. However, if accepted, you are expected to make a continual effort to learn and improve your Japanese skills in order to better communicate with the people around you.

What is a good measure? CIR applicants have typically studied Japanese for a minimum of two years at the university level. Additionally, CIRs are tested in Japanese at the interview. No, as long as applicants meet all other eligibility criteria, there is no age requirement limit.

However, applicants will be judged on maturity, professionalism, and ability to adjust to other cultures. Back to The Menu. What are the work duties of an ALT? Aspiring JETs. JET Positions.

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