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Ex wife is dating a loser Reasons to be with his problem now with your ex-girlfriend or are spread by joseph m. Sometimes, i still engaged to process getting you dating loser? Date i really possible to address the super-rich feel the super-rich feel the hard way. Other ghana dating app choose to consider the proverbial bird of love, she raped by one of interest in omaha, but a jerk, paul mccartney's wife heads. Affleck is dating loser - but had a list of loser ex from outside the best ways to divulge that had recently, about. Here are how you would i just split.

I stopped the games a week ago. Thanks for the insight Dr. T, I understand why now!! I really needed to read this one! After catching her cheating, I broke it off with her.

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She begged me not to leave the relationship; she said that she wanted to be with me, not him. She then began coming by my home at all hours of the night banging on my door, asking me what my problem was and begging again not to leave her. This hoovering occurred 3 different times over a 4 month period and would go on for weeks until I brought her back, only to catch her cheating again before I finally had enough and was emotionally drained from her lies, deceit and manipulation.

The day we broke up for the final time, she got in a committed relationship with the stooge she cheated for months on me with and painted her new relationship and new found happiness on Facebook for ALL to see just days later immature, classless and rubbing it in my nose.

Keep in mind this woman is 49 years old. Also I want to add that for 4 months following the breakup, she text messaged, Facebook messaged and emailed me every week. All attempts went unanswered. She never called. Instead she tried using manipulation and control by hiding behind the written word. After all, love is personal. Text messaging, Facebook messaging and email is impersonal. She then used friends and family to snoop and stalk me on facebook. Thus, I had no choice but to delete my Facebook and email accounts and get and new phone number and different email address.

Since then, no contact from her. I learned afterwards that she has cheated on every man in her life, including with multiple men behind the back of her deceased husband. I have sought the council of 2 psychologists and am currently under pyschotherapy to find out what would attract me to someone like this.

All 3 agree she may be BPD. After reading the materials on this web page, I am convinced she is or, at the least, has some type of disorder. Edward, first of all, congratulations on remaining no-contact for six months. You are absolutely doing the right thing, even though it may not feel like it right now. This level of competence is like being a good amateur chess player. However, a relationship with a Cluster B is like being forced to play a chess match against Boris Spassky.

Ordinary people, who actually have lives to live, simply cannot keep up. It just means that we need to learn to spot Boris from a distance, and avoid getting sucked into a chess match with him. Cousin Dave. Thanks for the insight. The metaphor was outstanding. I guess one would have to be a Cluster-B to make sense of it. The frightening thing for me is how could someone be so cold, empty and remorseless? How can someone, after years, wake up everyday, look you in the eye, tell you they love, be around you every day, and still sleep with and have a relationship outside of their current relationship, and go on as if everything is normal?

I am proud that I have had the self respect to fend off her onslaught of text messages, emails and facebook communications filled with her disingenuous caring and insincere apologies.

My hope is that, after all of my pain, I burst her ego a littlemaybe you could comment on that. Cousin Dave is spot-on. Good luck. Ofcourse the only way to deal with them is to avoid them completely. Edward You burst her ego just by not having a personality disorder. Being normal is enough to hurt Cluster Bs. Hey everyone, its been a year exactly from today that I broke up with my ex NPD girlfriend.

But i am free, free from all of it. To all those that are stuck not knowing what to do, take my advice. Get rid of the cancer before it gets the best out of you. My ex was literally a nut case, she use to flip out on random things. Even as something as dumb as me wearing a t shirt too muchall these example on this site are all living proof of what i use to go through.

Off topic, but just ran through my mind for some reason. I remember being in my home office, and around the corner she would come. Well, I would often have 2 and sometimes three bowel movementsresulting from a case of frazzled nerves. What a lousy existence. I feel bad for the New Guy. Generally the default thinking in our society. Oh my goodness!!! I tried to move heaven and earth to make the marriage work over the last few years.

I was really in a deep dark place about a year and a half ago when I somehow google-stumbled upon this site. It was like the blinds opened and a heavy rock was taken off of my chest!

First, I want to thank Dr. We had no effective communication without the simplest of subjects degrading into an ugly argument, and conflict resolution never existed. There was no major fault in the marriage, as in cheating etc, but I would describe it more as death by a thousand cuts by a very sharp and crazy knife.

Second, I learned what the reason was for not being like most other men and running when crazy first pops its ugly head up in the relationship! I grew up in a pretty dysfunctional home were yelling, screaming and put downs were a norm, my parents never loved each other. I was clueless about what to do until I found this site.

Anyways, I feel like a new man now, thanks to Dr. This is certainly the situation I found myself in the last several years. However, she, behind my back, was always looking for something else. When it would come to my attention and I would confront, I was the bad guy for making a big deal out of it.

After all, what could she do about the fact they were sending her flowers? I was making way too big of a deal about these things and I was the one who had the security issues, not her. Most recently, we had plans to go to florida to visit family and friends. I was at her home and she said she needed to tell me she had met someone else, had been invited to a military ball, had always wanted to go, and was going to do so.

I was taken back because, again, foolishly, thought we were in a committed relationship. Oh, we were she said. She just happened to meet someone who just happened to invite her to a function and she just happened to accept. Now this ended up being about a month before she bothered to tell me, but when I questioned again, I was the suspicious one, I was the one who was insecure, and so on.

I left me a message I was coming by her place last Saturday to pick up some of my things. It was early in the morning so clear he spent the night. On week after I had spent the weekend at her place. She returned by call in a panic saying she was at work and I could come by later. I said I am in front of your place and its clear you are not at work. I said its clear there was much more to this than she told me as the guy is in the same bed I occupied but a week ago.

She said, I told you about this! I responded, no, you said you met a man who invited you to a function, not that you were already in an intimate relationship with someone else. I drove back home. She called later and again, made it sound as if some how it was all my fault, why do i have suspicions, why do I have insecurities, so on and so on. She lives 2 doors down from my sister, another story and I told her that being the case and the fact they see my car there regularly the least she could do is have him put his car in the garage if he is spending the night.

I could go on and on but sure you get the gist. Our families and friends are very much tied together which makes it much more difficult. As I told her, the behavior she has exhibited, always looking for something better, might be cooler at 26, but we are I guess age really has nothing to do with the behavior, now does it? I am so glad I found this site, reading the articles and blogs has made me realize I am not solely to blame like my ex wants me to believe.

This article hits the nail on the head with my ex. We have known each other for several years, dated on and off the last 2 years. She always claimed to be the victim and that she wanted to be with me and needed a good guy like myself. One day a month or so ago she was picking out rings and talking about buying a house together.

She was in such a good mood. The next day she was cold and distant and come to find out a friend of mine saw her online on a dating website. I confronted her about it and immediately she blamed me and accused me of being jealous and not trusting her.

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This happened more than once. But then a couple of days later she would always come back begging me to take her back and she changed. A few days ago I found out an old flame she dated for a few weeks while we were broken up has been contacting her and she was depressed because he was with another girl. I told her why did is matter because she was with me.

Then she got distant again and when I asked her what was wrong she said nothing and said that I am paranoid and jealous. Come to find out she was planning to meet with him and that the entire time they dated for 3 weeks while we were broken up he practically lived with her!

She would not let me stay over because of the bad impression it would leave on her kids according to her. This guy also has a criminal record and she is an executive! I was a good boyfriend, I planned dates and outings that included the kids but she would back out and find some reason to blame me.

After what I found out a few days ago I told her never to contact me again. I also want to add that one time she broke up with me because the night before she had a dream that I was cheating. I never did.

I know I have some blame in this because I let her come back but I guess when you are in love you do stupid things. The STBE did not file an answer to my complaint for judgement. She actually waived her 45 day period so we had a court date on May 6th. A week before that I started receiving some pretty long winded text messages from her. Not really messages, more like silly details about the kids activities. Oh brother!!!!!!

I gave it a day, but agreed to a public meeting. She was there before I arrived I am always prompt and the conversation was really like a Seinfeld episodenothing.

10 Red Flags You're Dating A Loser, According To Experiences From Real Women

I did discover that she broke up with her lover because Are you all sitting down? Whatever the reason was, this poor bastard was taken for his own crazy house ride. Mentally unstable. Again, she wants to be friends. Now the corker.

She also has a medical situation she needs to resolve. Yes, she contracted an STD. Jumping crickets!!!!!!!!! All those mental problems, and a scumbag as well. What a prize.

I would say nothing. I was actually stunned. Meaning push it out indefinitelyI blanched. Dr Tarrashe has covered all the basis on this blog. She exhibits nearly all those traits. Push on I will. So am I. As far as an STD, well, guess what? Planned Parenthood has been around for decades, and they can help, and it will be on a sliding scale.

She can research her options on this thing called the internet, she can do something she enjoys making others do, which is jumping through hoops, and then she can get a bunch of her medical stuff fixed.

Without you. Get rid of her as fast as you can. I see the post is from a few months ago, but still I had to say something. One other thing, the requests you had from her? She went through each one, and all of the first 3 were already in the paperwork she had been given repeatedly by the attorney, and each time it was costly to us. The Fourth Demand? She could not recall what it was. For weeks. Finally, I told her it was off the table. She went nuts. Thank you for another brilliant article, my experience with CRAZY can be summised as 1 easy to remember rule: past behviour predicts future behaviour.

Thank you for this wonderful article. If you change the pronouns, almost all of this applies to ME. I want to state that this is the site where I learned a wonderful lesson, one that I had never even considered before.

Aug 01,   A loser is usually very quick to tell you that he loves you. Often, within weeks of dating, he will be talking about your long-term future together. He may even discuss moving in, having kids or possibly propose marriage. Believe it or not, I actually had a potential suitor tell me that he loved me on our very first date together! You're dating a loser if you're dating a man who is too aggressive and demanding in bed. If he's more interested in his own orgasm and doesn't care about yours, if he chokes you or pulls your hair knowing you don't like it (or is otherwise purposefully aggressive) "just to . There is addicted to finally get your ex girlfriend back home over 40 million singles: no guarantee of success. Affleck is one of marriage. Her dating a complete loser dating a loser boyfriend is single and i have 2 years old, threats, either at the relationship. Well, grieve and then you are actually a woman online.

It was to never, ever, ever allow my husband alone with his ex-wife. My husband gags thinking about her that way. But I never once considered that she might accuse him of assault or rape, or anything like that. I am glad I found this site.

You may have saved me and my husband time in court, money, and the capability to see the children. I have been married for 13 years. I was 25 years old when I met my soon to be ex. I was finishing my last semester of college and she was finishing what she told me was her second associates degree.

I would find out later that she had previously flunked out the first time around. I was still living with my parents and was ready for the post college move out. She had been recently been jilted by her fiance who she had dated as far back as high school. I was immediately love bombed from the second date on. I graduated in December and was living with her by January. By June she had pressured and convinced me to buy an engagement ring.

She said that if I really loved her I should be able to make that kind of commitment.

thought differently, thank

By the time we were married I had 3 cards with rapidly growing balances. I later found out that she already had charge offs before she even met me. A few weeks before we were married she confided to me that she had given birth to a son a few years before we had married and given the child up for adoption. She told me that besides one friend I was the only other person that knew. I wonder why she waited so close to the wedding to tell me?

I agreed. The childcare costs came and she began to criticize me for not having a good enough job to support the family. Our combined incomes should have been able to live a comfortable life yet every month. She was handling the finances and I was completely oblivious to what was really going on. She had acquired numerous credit cards which were maxed out before our first child was born. She had directed me when and where to spend on my credit cards.

I was even emasculated at the grocery store one time because I did not step and pay for the groceries with my credit card. During the next 2 years after our first child was born, I was pressured into taking a second job and going back to school. I quit school during the first semester. I was studying for a test late one night and my child would not go to sleep.

She slammed the bedroom door and went to sleep. I did not fail the test I was studying for, but I did not make a good enough grade either.

Ex girlfriend dating a loser

I dropped out because I new I would not get any support from her. When I told her I dropped out there were consequences. I was told I was unmotivated, lazy and did not care for the family. I was able to change my primary job shift to night shift and quit the second job. This eliminated the cost for childcare. Things should have improved financially but only got worse as a result of her overspending.

In the course of the next few years, our next child was born. My brother and sister in law also had a child. I continued to work night shift. During the course of a day I would take my oldest child to elementary school, my youngest to preschool and baby sit my infant niece. I was expected to pick up the children from school, help with homework, cook dinner, do laundry and keep the house clean.

This was to be done before going to work an 8 hour shift at work. If my wife began to find any of these areas lacking, I would be told that I was lazy and unmotivated. On weekends I did landscaping to earn extra income. If I ever complained that I was tired, or said that I would like to spend more time with the family she would cut me down for making her feel guilty.

During this time it seems that she was only required to work a job. She would constantly complain about her job and the people she worked with. After my second child was born which was 4 years into our marriage, my told me she just was not a very sexual person.

She then began allowing our children to sleep in our bed. I was then removed from the sleeping arrangements. My children are now age 11 and 9.

They still sleep with her even though I have clearly expressed my displeasure to her numerous times. She also still bathes with them as well and ignores me when I tell her it is creepy The children are both boys by the way! In July of a dis-functional couple began renting a house across the street from us. The wife was an extremely volatile alcoholic. My wife immediately became attached to this couple.

Feb 27,   The 25 Signs You're Dating A Loser. By Anonymous. Feb. 27, Everyone knows a loser when they see one - that is, until they're dating one. Check out these signs that might help you figure. Dec 28,   10 Red Flags You're Dating A Loser, According To Experiences From Real Women. By Candice Jalili. Her partner got jealous of her ex for showing up at her dad's funeral. If you are dating a. If your ex-Crazy has paired up with Downgrade Boyfriend she is dating or married to the proverbial "bird of a feather." Nice Guy Mistake # 3. Nice guys who aren't quite ready to jump off the Crazy hamster wheel may see Downgrade Boyfriend as yet one more thing they need to rescue Crazy from.

I stayed away because a new they would be trouble. The alcoholic wife came home intoxicated and approached the husband on our front porch. He picked her up and threw her off the porch on to the concrete. The wife was able to get back up by herself. I told them both to leave and that I would not have that kind of behavior at my house. My wife just commented that the alcoholic wife deserved it.

In September my wife seems obsessed by this couple. One Friday night I was at the kitchen table when she got home from work. She came in and did not say hello or even look at me. I did not her from her for 2 hours. I decided to give my wife a call and ask her if something was wrong. She came home and began screaming at me. She told me she did not feel loved or appreciated, had lost feelings for me a long time ago, was unsatisfied with our sex life and needed to drink and f- all night long.

She further added that she wanted to separate. I was completely devastated. She gave me a long list of things I had to improve or do. In October of I was given a good promotion at my place of employment. The very same week the neighbor from across the street decided to leave his wife. My wife moves him in the same week I started my new job.

She has only known this person since July. After the first week of his stay I questioned my wife about the length of his stay. She told me she did not care what I thought and that she just needed to do something good this year. He ended up staying in our house for the entire month of October. During this time it seems like my wife never left his side. Every time his wife sent him a crazy text my wife was glued to his side reading it.

She constantly flirted with him. When they would sit on the porch together she would rest her legs across his. They sat in the bed together side by side, just the two of them watching television. I found out later that she told her friends he was gay. I also found out later through financial records that during this time my wife rented hotel rooms in the local area twice when she was supposed to have been babysitting overnight for a friend. She paid his rent twice for which once we appear to have been reimbursed.

She also paid his cable, utilities and cell phone bill. She did not make our mortgage bill and many other bills. Apparently as a result she had me borrow 4, dollars from my parents in November only to be broke again after Christmas.

The husband moved to another state to live with a woman from his past which is likely to be wife 4.

good, support. advise

My wife seemed to become even more distant after this. In March my wife quit her job and cashed in her K. By July it appears she had spent all off this money. She claims she paid off bills but collection calls are still coming. The one thing I did not do was finish cleaning out the garage.

That is what she focused on. I told her she was being selfish and she replied that she wanted to separate. I said okay. I told my parents about what had happened the next day. I also told them about what had been going on with our relationship for all these years. They immediately saw the situation for what it was. They recommended that I get a lawyer. The very next day I talked with a lawyer. The lawyer told me that my wife was cheating on me and that she had a plan. I could not believe it.

I told the lawyer I just wanted to give my wife what she wanted. She told me to look through paperwork at home and see if I found anything. I started poking around and immediately found red flags. The reawakening and WTF moment came quickly.

I told my wife I was not ready to leave yet so I could stall. I hired a PI and found out that she had reconnected with the fiance who had jilted her years ago and that she was even exposing our children to him. I suspect she is trying to replace me with him in regards to the children. He is even still married. I found his resume on the home computer in the recycle bin.

They had been in contact since December. She reconnected with him just a few weeks after the neighbor across the street moved. Through my own surveillance I have discovered that many of her friends have known and aided her in this affair.

Some of these were mutual friends of ours.

not doubt it

I heard her make comments regarding this paramour. She said we have got to get him a job. He has a job, just not one that could pay for her insatiable appetite. I know I had this one used on me. Same tricks, different person. I found years worth of documents stuffed with credit documents any many other goodies that she kept for some reason. I have scanned them all. I also went to a psychologist and myself pretested. I also had my children interviewed about their exposure to the boyfriend and their mother bathing with them.

I am about 2 weeks out from having her served.

#2 He Always Forgets His Wallet

After that I will have to wait for one of the predefined outcomes. Will I be met with a Hoover, physical violence or the false allegation? I know where I am going to put my money. I would like to thank everyone who contributed to this website. I have been glued to it for days and it has been a really healing for me.

Thank you Dr. I literally feel that this website is helping to save my life help my sanity. After enduring and exiting a 3 year relationship with a BPD woman inI just ended in late July another 9 month relationship with a BPD woman. I got two therapy sessions with a MA counselor back inrecognized that my ex back then was BPD, but I never pursued the therapy further due to it being too difficult to handle as my mother died at the exact same time. So, 6 years later, I voluntarily enter into a relationship with a BPD.

After an intial classic 2 month period of feeling magical, excited, intellectually bonded, and intimately bonded false and superficially, and irrationally. I will refer to my most recent cluster B ex as JF. I actually believe she has been sober for 4 years, but she has never had therapy for her alcoholism, or coke addictionOR for her BPD.

She told me she did undergo therapy for her relationship issues 5 years ago, but because she was still using at the time, she was not able to get anything out of it. She would never reveal what the relationship issues were other than she only dated drunks and cokeheads.

I question whether or not she actually got psychotherapy at all. What little I did get is that she was sexually molested by boys in high school in front of people in positions of authority who did nothing to prevent the molestation. What she did reveal to me was that she would go home with drunk men from bars, have uaccessory-source.comotected sex with them, and then regret it the next morning.

She said she stopped this behavior when she became sober 5 years ago, and that I was the second man she has been sexually involved with since becoming sober. That other man supposedly was a married man from Turkey with a wife and kids back in Turkey.

I should also share that this ex JF rejected my kiss on our 3rd date, and in 8 months would never kiss me. She gave many reasons for it, all of which did not make sense to me. She disclosed to me 4 month into our relationship that she did a lot of shoplifting in her 20s common BPD behavior. She disclosed to me at 7 months into it, that the only men she has felt passion and romance for sexually were two married men one the Turk, another a man living in her condo complex with a cocaine habit they engaged in together.

She is telling me this right after she is telling me she loves me and I am her best friend. In nine months, we were sexually intimate 14 times without any kissing. She has never had a job more than 3 years. She has had over 20 different jobs in her life. She is broke. I was in SF visiting a friend when this happened. When I returned, she was living in her car and in a shelter. I agreed to let her stay with me a week, but I am allergic to her cat, so she had to find an apartment.

So, I put her up in Motel 6 for two months, and then her dad put her up there for another month. Her father supposedlygave her the rent for an apartment, which she moved into at the 6 month mark. At the 6 month mark, I really was starting to reach the end of my rope, and demanded that she tell me what happened to her as a girl, in the bars, with her coke boyfriends.

She would not. She refused to disclose anything more. I ended it with her on July Went on an international vacation for a month in August, so no contact for 4 weeks.

Got nothing coherent or revealing on her end. I constantly got differing answers about the pain in her past, but never got much information at all. When I requested and finally demanded that she disclose more about ex-boyfriend, sexual abuse, and why she refused to kiss me, she would call ME toxic, demanding, manipulative and cruel. Stupidly, weakly I have tried contacting her twice in email, only to have the hell resurface. I am currently 8 days NC from the last email exchange.

I am seeing a clinical psychologist weekly, and have had 6 sessions so far. She has friends on Facebook, but never talks to any of them in person. She has no friends.

She never once took a picture of us or herself together, despite that she loves photography. She has filed bankruptcy, constantly is broke, and lives in constant fear of becoming homeless.

Sorry for ranting too muchI had to relate this though. My birthday is this Sunday and hers is two days later. I have read about how many CBs and BPD women give the relationship end a few weeks or months, then they will suddenly reappear in an email or a text. Its a cheap marketing tactic. This game is part of that strategy. Keep you wondering. We have a right to feel unconditionally loved and respected.

Meaning, go No Contact and keep it that way forever. Great article. My exgf told me that her last relationship 2 yrs was an abusive one.

We saw each other for 2 and a half months very good times. Then, out of the blue, she breaks if off with me citing that I am needy. So, I find out after a few weeks that she actually went back to her exbf the abuser. I was devastated and I had no respect for her at this point but still had feelings. It was rough. I know she downgraded because I have much to offer i. Once you are aware that your woman has a PD, then you have to just cut her off.

Oh well. What is it with these types asking for help? Do they see it as being weak? Lesson learned, guys. Once you are no longer the bf or husband, then no more goodies no help, no favors, etc.

No contact, walk away. ALL of it. Over and over and over again What really complicates the situation is the fact that we have three kids together 6, 9 and 11 that live with her.

Otherwise, I would not be living anywhere near her. A lot of the articles and posts on this site ring true with my experience and with my ex CB, but this one hit home the closest.

This was one of the most painful cts of the divorce. Just wanted to clarify something. I have a problem. Older and successfull and wiser etc. All the good memories filling my mind thinking to myself not give up on her n fight for her like I always have to prove myself to her.

Asked me to be donor for a child she wanted n told me about her broken marriage she is in n I felt sorry for her I really did. That moment changed my life coz iv been labelled a home wrecker and have very fractured relationship with my parents and family to a point where I am a outcast. She is divorced now coz of the baby we share and he ex husband is still to this day out for blood.

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I held on for my son and wanting to give him a family he always deserved. Thank you for your time and any advice would be Appriciated. A family member just sent this link to me as i moved in with a girl who i thought was lovely 6 months ago. Since then she has come very close to destroying my self confidence in ways i had never thought possible. The behaviour did stop for a few weeks as i decided to film her, blatantly, not covertly.

At first she screamed and i thought she would become more violent, but then reality seemed to hit and i had proof of her irrational behaviour.

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I still keep the video, just in case. She had found the new boyfriend a few weeks ago. I really do wonder how many people suffer because of situations like this. She would wake me up at 4 in the morning screaming nonsense and then ask why i was tired in the morning and why i always look on edge.

Great to read and the relief i felt was, well, i needed to read that. I hope that it is accessed by more people who need to see it for themselves. I found this article and site today and it really hit home. However, I began to see some major red flags. After the first year together, she tells me that the whole story of her divorce was a lie, and she was actually still married when we first dated, although separated.

She had told me she divorced him because he was unfaithful, but later she confessed that it was she who was unfaithful. Her ex is a great guy, btw. After she told me that she became very distant. Then she all but stopped texting, returning calls, and started breaking dates.

I was totally confused and lost, because when we did see each other she was talking about marriage and children. She tells me she is afraid of him and he is threatening her. I take her back and things are wonderful again. Then 3 months later, she suddenly starts the disappearing act. I tell her I notice a distance building and want to talk about it before it gets worse. A month later she is dating a 21 yo unemployed kid who lives with his parents. She says she wants me to spend time with them, and I agree.

Not knowing about her new bf. I buy tickets to theme parks, and fun events, and she keeps cancelling on me. The only reason a man would ever talk badly about you or belittle you to someone else is for his own ego boost. The kind of man who gets his own personal gratification by belittling you is not a man.

absolutely assured it

If your man is being a jerk to his friends either in front of them or behind their back, then you can already see what kind of man he is. In other words, his plans are always more important than yours, and he will do whatever he can to make sure you remember that. This guy is not only a controlling ass, but most certainly a loser.

You have to get rid of him quick! Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. It most certainly does not make you the bread winner. Granted, if no other job was available at that given moment, then I would take it without hesitations. One must work. But whilst in that job, I would never even dream of dating someone.

For the simple reason that I would not be able to offer her anything at all. It would be unfair of me to put her through that. This line aside, I like the way you write and I agree with everything else. It was meant to be a quirky joke, not a serious statement or feminist opinion. Great article. I just read this to make sure I made the right decision dumping the guy I was dating for the past couple of months.

I definitely did! I would always ask about his day and love hearing about stuff going on in his life, but he never reciprocated. Oh well. I bookmarked this. Your article has a lot of valid points. I indirectly knew this woman who married this man who is a drug addict, lived in a homeless shelter, and was jobless at the time. One can come to the conclusion that the only reason he married her was so he could better his situation. During their marriage, he was horrible to her.

He abused her emotionally and physically. He was unable to contribute to their household financially which made him a freeloader as well. As soon as he met somebody else, he began to cheat and left her. While it may not be for me to wonder, I will always wonder why a lot of women and a few men find themselves in these predicaments?

Talk about poetic justice! I mate a. I met this dude on the Internet he seemed really nice sweet and reliable and weeks after I met him he professed that he love me and I kind of felt forced and set it back but later actually fell in love deep in love couple months after moving in he shown me how jealous he was insecure and distrusting. I found out when trying to take a picture of my kids on the tablet.

Honey, I highly recommend you ask for legal help or get a restraining order. This is far out of my realm, take it to the authorities. Married this guy. I need my eyes to be opened.

Been dating a man for three months and he is not affectionate at all. Sex is eh ok. No real intimacy at all. He has a very hard time communicating his feelings because he has never been told from his mom and dad that they love him his entire life. Ive told him my feelings and he still has yet to tell me how he really feels about me. Point 2, he should treat you as his equal, but just not when it comes to paying the bill.

A woman who demands to be treated as an equal only when it suits her is the real loser. I agree with all the points except the first one. It is physically impossible for me to walk slow. Walking slow is pretty much stopping and starting, stopping and starting, et cetera. All these things describe my husband when dating and in the marriage. That is who they are. It comes from inside. Listen to what she says.

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