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Interviewer: so Jungkook is there someone special in your life? JK: nah, not really Jimin: listen you little shit. Me: yepp, that shit defo going down. Or up, if you know what I mean. I destroyed, destroyed, leaving red stripes that covered my wrist, taking the life of another butterfly, which I promised myself to keep, but could not. I want you to draw a butterfly on my wrist and give her your name.

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The evolution of a jikook shipper. reads jikook fluff "Jimin brazenly sits on Jungkooks lap, making himself comfortable on the youngers thighs " Me: yeah right, as if that ACTUALLY happens reads jikook smut Me: yepp, that shit defo going down. Or up, if . Jan 13, a short one shot where cheerleader! jungkook is supposedly dating the popular football captain, kim namjoon. but that doesn't change the fact that he's getting fucked everyday in the locker room by tennis captain, kim taehyung, also known as namjoon's brother. Perks of Dating a Cheerleader staycute Summary: This position would be uncomfortable to anyone who wasn't as flexible as Jimin but that's one of the perks of fucking a cheerleader. They can bend however you want them. Skiesofrain09, Jikook_shipper, 7days7biases, sushimonn, jikookedd, cheesepotations.

And he would have to listen to everything his new Alpha commanded him to do. Jimin did not want to spend more time with his ruthless backbase than he already had but his coaches had other plans Taehyung had used his Alpha voice.

The evolution of a jikook shipper

Jeongguk had never heard his brother speak in his Alpha voice toward him ever. Cheerleaders Taekook have a challenge on who can fluster more often the captain of the basketball team, Yoongi.

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He just did what he was told! Of course, the execution was a bit poor and embarrassing. In a world you're assigned a hair colour at birth, you must meet your matching colours to find your soulmates. Jimin: You miss Busan?

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Jungkook: I miss you. Bts bts beyond the scene jikook jikook is real jikook is love jikook is life jimin bts bts jimin bts jeon jungkook. We know now. Jungkook is also a fan of Jimin's cute little hands. And someone please save Namjoon lol. Big hit: we have some news, it may come as a shock but we trust army will take this well Jikook: we are in a relationship, a gay relationship, we are gay for each other.

ARMY mostly Jikook shippers You don't say! I'm so surprised, seriously this is the most surprised I've been in my life, there are really no words to describe my state of shock at this point in time.

Jk is so whipped for jimin. Kookmin jikook jikook is real kookmin is so real. JM: can I tell you a secret?

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JK: sure. JM: I love you. JK: can I tell you a secret too? An actual interaction. Me being the absolute jikook trash I am: looking at the infamous rainbow unicorn jikook photos My mom sees: oh those are the Korean boys right?

Me: yup this one is jungkook and that's Jimin My mom: oh are they dating? Jungkook moaned, moving so he could lock lips with his boyfriend as he opened the lube bottle hastily, the cap dropping to the floor with a clank.

We won't know until they tell us, but for what it's worth, the surfeit of evidence in social media and Golden Closet Films suggest they fancied each other a bit, at the very least. In Korean culture, where are the boundaries between skinship, sexu.

Jimin whined. Jimin moaned, widening his legs.

Jungkook kept kissing his neck while Jimin arched into him. Jimin started to moan louder as he tossed his head to the side, his eyes squeezing shut. Jungkook smirked.

Jimin pouted. Jungkook cocked his head to the side with a lustful smile. Jimin smiled, grabbing the bottle and dip his hands in. Jimin gripped the shaft as his lubricated hands rubbed up and down at a slow pace, making Jungkook toss his head back and moan. Jimin hand went to finger himself as he kept stroking Jungkook as he licked his lips watching Jungkook.

Jungkook moaned louder when Jimin adjusted his grip and pace, grabbing the blanket under him. Jungkook gripped Jimin by his waist and turned him around before pulling him down.

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They both hissed in pleasure as Jimin took more of him. Jungkook released a breath once Jimin took all of him. His cock fitting snug against the walls that molded and pulsed around him. Jimin nodded, shifting his flexible legs so Jungkook could grip his knees. That simplest moment made boys boys moan. Jimin was mewling as anticipation filled his body, grabbing his own knees. Jungkook effortlessly stood up. Luckily, Jimin was so flexible he easy bent.

Jungkook easily walked over to the wall, while Jimin bounced on his cock.

Perks of dating a cheerleader jikook

Jimin kept moaning, gravity forcing him down harder. Jimin moans got louder as the rough texture of the wall rubbed against his cock and Jungkook thrusting from behind made pleasure poor all over his body. Jungkook kept grunting as he thrust up, his own pleasure signals coursing through his body.

Jimin pressed his face into the wall as his back arched into it, nails scratching at the paint.

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Jungkook groaned, Jimin naturally flexed his lower muscles once he hits his prostate so his cock is choked even more. Jungkook plowing him from behind while his wall stoked him from up front was enough to send him running into pleasure.

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Jimin whined in his next moan but Jungkook kept forcing himself down on his cock as he walked backwards towards the bed. Jungkook moaned, rolling his eyes back as he kept thrusting.

Watch Cheerleader And Boyfriend porn videos for free, here on Discover the growing collection of high quality Most Relevant XXX movies and clips. No other sex tube is more popular and features more Cheerleader And Boyfriend scenes than Pornhub! Browse through our impressive selection of porn videos in HD quality on any device you own. Mar 21, Jungkook x Jimin ?? x ?? Only From October - March Enjoy (? ?? ?) ?Thanks for watching ?? Song used: Bolbbalgan - Galaxy : KookminW, Petals of Winter, ??. Jikook fanfics and you decide to wade through tons of great perks of those cheerleader. Step 1: the perks! Likes to the career launching power of cheerleading! He is fine. Who walks away from the perks of all the latest photos, the web and twist into any position. Read -perks of such a college football girlfriend.

The headboard bang against the wall as the two kept going. Jimin screaming and crying while Jungkook moaned as he pounded in Jimin. Jimin whined his other hand going to his nipple. Faster Daddy! Jungkook grunted, unable to get his hips to move faster in this position.

Fitness Singles is the best place to with Cheerleading singles! Whether you are looking for love or simply a Cheerleading partner, we are the online Cheerleading club for accessory-source.comer for FREE to search through our database of thousands of Cheerleading personals by zip code, fitness category, keywords or recent activity. You'll soon understand why thousands of active . Jan 09, Ok not to be rude but if you dont agree with what this person is saying then just get off the page. This is most likely a joke but even if it wasnt you . Read Perks of dating a cheer leader 1/1 from the story JiKook One Shots by ckgerapusco (ChesckaKaye) with 1, reads. bts, jimin, jungkook. Jungkook smiled, s Reviews: 2.

So, he flipped them over. Jimin wanted fast.


Jungkook was able to snap his hips faster into Jimin with his new position. Jungkook moaned, his eyes squeezed shut as Jimin kept choking and pulling on his cock. Jungkook lifted his thigh up, over his head to his other shoulder.

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Jungkook now was pounding into Jimin who was now on his side. Jimin screamed.

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They can bend however you want them. Jungkook kept thrusting forward as his own eyes fluttered. One session of making love could feel like five different ones.

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When Jungkook was thrusting in his hand was up his shaft, when he was pulling out his hand was at the base. Jimin praised whatever god he could think of for giving him such a master in bed.

Jungkook growled as both started to get faster. Jimin tossed his head back. The two boys kept going, thrust and screams getting harder that the headboard crack the wall. None of them noticed, as pleasure traveled their bodies like hot lava and the only thing they were aware of was each others bodies.

Jimin eyes started to flutter as his who body started to stiffen. Jimin screamed, his cum splattering everywhere.

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