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By: Rosie Valentine Last ated: October 11, Date and Dateless by Instant Vantage on Flickr. Some of us have been there. You meet someone awesome; start dating, and then suddenly you realize they still have an active online dating profile. But regardless, what do you do about it?

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He sees you as an option, not as his first priority. You guys aren't official so I would say you should continue talking to other guys, keeping him as an option as well.

Online Dating. He Hasnít Taken Down His Profile? Dating Tips

If he isn't texting you first, you can text him and see how he's texting you. If he's actually asking questions and writing long responses, he wants to talk. If he's only saying things like "yeah" "ok" or "cool" then he probably doesn't want to talk. If that's the case, then don't contact him again and wait for him to make the first contact move.

If he wants to talk to you, then he'll shoot a text over to you but if not, don't worry about it. If he's keeping his options open, then you should to! Don't get hooked up on one guy you only met a couple times.

It's just a second date You're on the site as well since you can see his profile, right? You're still on the site, so that's the same thing, right?

Why is he updated his dating profile

He just ated his profile. Give it time, he can't know how things will evolve after a second date? Probably he doesn't wanna put his eggs in one basket, which is a good strategy. Will you stop talking to all the guys you may like just because you went on two dates? Just see how things evolve.

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He hasn't contacted you in two days, OK, have you contacted him? Sign Up Now! Sort Girls First Guys First. Maybe it's not that he doesn't like you, but instead maybe he's trying to impress you further.

After all, it was after the date he had with you and if you felt some sort of chemistry he might be trying to win you over more. That or he is very inconsiderate of your feelings and didn't like you much so wanted to catch some new attention. Who contacted who after the first date to suggest the second one? Most guys would contact the girl again, but maybe he wants you to contact him, hence the change in profile picture. You were a second date for a reason.

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If he didn't like you much, he wouldn't have seen you a second time right? Kadiboma Xper 6. I'm doing the whole online thing at the moment.

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And it's not a good sign if they ate their profile pic. I only do that when I'm hoping to get more messages. I would put this one out of your mind and carry on dating, he may reappear but try not to think too much about him. Good luck, online dating takes a LOT of patience. I agreed.

Oct 11, † As you're deleting old messages, you see she's changed her profile picture. It's perfectly normal for people to still be active on a dating site before you've made things official. So, if by some chance you notice, there probably isn't a reason to worry. Apr 19, † In his point of view you are getting bore for him. So that is why he is ating profile. Most of the stories ends at this level because of having regular sex. If a girl/ boy having sex continuously before the marriage then their partner definitely loos the faith on them. Jul 31, † The fact he just ated his online profile is a sure bet he's not and he's allowed to do so. I suggest you find out where he's at mentally (segue in the "when dating " question) and if it aligns with yours (looking for something long term) then just enjoy the time with him and put the relationship thoughts aside and continue to get to know him better.

It takes time for everything. Well, you both are still on the site. I wouldn't worry too much about it.

He might be talking to other people, or maybe he just changed his picture because he thought you weren't into him?

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It is possible that he has been busy. Contact him, see what he is up to. If he agrees to another date, see where things go.

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I'm very devastated now because we are sexually active. Is this a red flag? Share Facebook.

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He just ated his dating profile? Add Opinion. Well it could be a red flag.

He just ated his dating profile?

You need to discuss with him what you two are. He might treat you like that, yet because there is no official label, or you two haven't had a discussion, he still thinks you two are single and free to see other people. Online dating can be tricky for this reason. Definitely meet up with him and talk about what you two are if he even sees you two as anything.

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Without putting things into context and actually talking about the issue, it's easy for people to think that it's okay to see other people still.

But if you are wanting more, and you think you two are an item, speak up. I would be careful because it's easy to get played like this. Definitely have a talk.

He told me that he's not dating anyone else now and not sure that he will, but he also didn't say that he wouldn't. I dropped it then since I didn't want to push too much after a month. I still log onto the site, though I'm not responding to anyone's email, and a few days ago on my homepage it shows that he uploaded a new picture. Feb 11, † Dear Swipe This! About two and a half months ago, I started dating a guy I met on Tinder. Both of us were newly single-I was fresh out of a one-year relationship and he was five months out of a. Feb 05, † We've been dating for a month. I see him every week. He's been treating me good. He initiates communication. He takes me out on dates. I could tell by his actions that he's into me. We became intimate. I only see him and I was hoping he does the same. We agreed to date exclusively but we still have our online dating profiles up.

Find out what he is looking for. If he's just looking to hook up, then let him go. Find a guy who will be your boyfriend.

Things seemed to be going great, until I logged into Bumble yesterday (only to look at his profile) to see he recently (within the past days) ated his page. He added pictures and rewrote his entire bio. This bio includes, "if you're laid back and cute swipe right." I stewed on it for a while before texting him about it. However, I just saw him changed his profile picture on a dating a website. I feel like maybe he didn't really like me and want to see what is out there. Advice? Does that means he didn't really like me if he ated his profile? I wish I knew so I can move on. He hasn't contact me in 2 days. Am I just back up? Advice would be so appreciated. but I just figured he just ated his dating profile, he ated few pictures, and on his profile, he says he's looking for accessory-source.com more. and says to reply him back when he sends a wink. I'm very devastated now because we are sexually accessory-source.com I thought he started to like me more we talked about the site before and he told me it's.

Don't date guys who say they want relationships and just use you for sex. Tina Xper 4. I think this is a red flag. Although he is still nice to you, you can't rule out the possibility that he will break up with you if he find the other friends.

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You should talk to him, make clear of his mind and then make your own decisions. Xper 6. You're having sex with him without even officially being in a relationship.

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