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Appliance Extension Cord, 15 Amps (3ft)
Replacement Battery for Makita(R) 193127, 193128, 193130, 193131 Power Tools
Pure Clean Pressure Washer
3.5" Color Inspection Camera
P-630 Air Mover
X-400A Air Mover
Professional Axial Fan
X-600A Air Mover
Air Mover
Air Mover with Telescopic Handle & Wheels
Gig Gloves go the extra mile and allow professionals to keep their hands protected and fully usable for all tasks. Gig Gloves continue to be the “No Compromise” work glove line for all production professionals.
Gig Gloves are the best way to protect your most valuable asset on any gig, job or show - your hands. Sometimes, your role is to support the performance not be a part of it. Not only are you not on stage but you're not supposed to be seen at all. Or maybe you prefer the discreet look of all black like most crew members. Introducing Gig Gloves ONYX: the all black version of the Original Gig Gloves.
Gig Gloves are the best way to protect your most valuable asset on any gig - your hands. Sometimes, protection from impacts and abrasions isn't enough. Production professionals know what it's like to have to work on outdoor productions (like festivals or concerts) or location shoots, or to load-in and out in cold weather, possibly with heavy winds, rain or snow falling. It's not fun. Plus, if you're also expected to perform as soon as you're done unloading and setting up, your hands can be stiff from the cold and that does not bode well for the performance.
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