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Pia Wurtzbach and Marlon Stockinger have parted ways after 3 years. According to Rikka, the two broke up in September. Rikka earlier told entertainment website Pep that prior to the breakup, the two already had issues that they managed to fix. The two have apparently unfollowed each other on Instagram. Pia's Instagram feed also no longer shows photos of them together. It was in October that Marlon, who attended what was then called the Star Magic Ball, confirmed that he was seeing Pia.

Then, on OctoberMarlon confirmed that he and Pia are "seeing each other.

Pia was still reigning Miss Universe then. Pia confirmed that she was dating Marlon during a January interview to promote the Miss Universe . Dec 06,   LOOK: Pia Wurtzbach, Marlon Stockinger mark second anniversary with a lovely dinner date. NOVEMBER Speaking on "Tonight With Boy Abunda", Pia explained why she and Marlon no longer follow each other on Instagram, and why it's better that way. "Para kapag nag-away kami, hindi namin nagiging target ang social media. It works for us. pia did attend the show. she received a shotout and a bottled water from siwon. and now pia and marlon unfollowed each other omg. i dont know whether it's cute or smth. lmaoo. ?????? - mica e??a (@baekaeri06) July 2, omf did pia and marlon really unfollow each other at instagrams lmaooo nako siwon - yong (@inseocle.

He gave the statement to PEP. While he was careful about giving too much details about him and Pia, Marlon said that Pia would have been his date to the ball if she happened to be in Manila that night. He also hinted at exclusively dating Pia by saying that she's no longer seeing Mikhail Vershavski, also known as Dr. Mike, who earned the online tag "the sexiest doctor alive.

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They even went on a date in Singaporebased on their social media posts dated November 28, It didn't take long before Pia herself confirmed that she's in a relationship with Marlon. Fourteen days before she relinquished her crown as Miss Universe, Pia went on record about Marlon being every inch of her ideal guy.

She was also very happy that Miss Universe organizers approved of her relationship with Marlon, which meant that she didn't have to worry about it causing problems with her taking on Miss Universe duties.

Dec 05,   Pia Wurtzbach and Marlon Stockinger have broken up after three years of being in a relationship. Earlier today, December 5, the Philippine Entertainment Portal (PEP) published a story about the couple's break-up, which was confirmed by the former Miss Universe titleholder's business manager, Rikka Infantado-Fernandez. PIA WURTZBACH - Miss Universe Pia Wurtzbach expressed her clarification behind the presumed breakup with boyfriend Marlon Stockinger. Filipino-German model, actress and a pageant titleholder for Miss Universe , Pia Wurtzbach, was recently rumored to have broken up with her race car driver boyfriend, Marlon Stockinger, based on a report. Dec 07,   Pia and Marlon really made an effort to see each other whenever their schedule permits it. They even went on a date in Singapore, based on their social media posts dated November 28, By then, speculation was rife that Pia and Marlon were already a couple. In one photo, they were in a loose hug just as they were smiling at each other.

Their relationship was certainly filled with adventures as they went on a trip to Brunei for what appeared to be their first Valentine celebration as a couple. Photos of their three-day trip surfaced online showing them enjoying a boodle-fight-type meal and dressing up in traditional Brunei outfits for a clothing brand.

A report from PEP. The report also mentioned that they were seen being greeted by Brunei-based Filipino businesswoman Kathelyn Dupaya. But their association would later cause a social media controversy involving the beauty queen. The relationship of Pia and Marlon was first marred by a controversy about Marlon fathering twins to an ex-girlfriend.

Pia Wurtzbach and Marlon Stockinger: A timeline of their relationship

Pia was candidly asked about it at a press interview right after she was launched as a celebrity endorser for a fabric conditioner. It appeared to be the first time Pia heard about the issue involving her boyfriend. She added, "Because if it does turn out not to be true, then the credibility of the media would be.

Then on March 28,PEP. Kit categorically said that she is the mother of seven-year-old twins and that ex-boyfriend Marlon is the biological dad. She made it clear that Marlon never saw their kids and that she never asked for financial support from him. At the height of the controversy, both Marlon and Pia remained tight-lipped about him having kids with an ex-girlfriend.

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Whether or not Pia knew about Marlon's past before it got leaked to the media was not clear. But the couple showed that they're still very much together as they celebrated Marlon's 26th birthday on April 4, It was Marlon who posted on Instagram photos of what looked like an intimate house party with few friends plus Pia.

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Eight months passed before Pia spoke about how the paternity issue involving boyfriend Marlon only made their relationship stronger. She said she did not consider breaking up with Marlon because he is " first and foremost my best friend before he is my boyfriend.

Pia also said that it was her idea that she and Marlon keep things low-key whenever they are plagued with showbiz controversy.

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Also in AprilPia got caught up in a controversy involving Brunei-based businesswoman Kathelyn Dupaya who accused Pia of ingratitude. Dupaya took to Instagram her complaint that Pia was allegedly badmouthing her after providing the beauty queen an all-expense-paid trip to Brunei.

Dupaya also accused Pia of breaking their agreement that the beauty queen would drop by the businesswoman's newly-opened spa in Brunei. In a follow-up report published by PEP. In exchange for the all-expense-paid trip, Dupaya said she expected that Pia would at least show up at the soft opening of her spa without having to participate in the ribbon-cutting ceremony.

Dupaya added that she was willing to make it a private visit so Pia won't have to mingle with other guests, but the beauty queen allegedly was a no-show. Dupaya explained she has been acquainted with Marlon and his parents after she helped the racer find luxury hotel accommodations in January Dupaya then said that she had a long talk with Pia's manager Jonas Gaffud, and it made her realize that she had been too rash in attacking Pia on social media.

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Gaffud's separate statement partly read, " I thank Kathy for clarifying the issues she raised against Pia, and for apologizing for what she has done.

He also showed some of their "cheesy" moments together as they made the most of the romantic ambience under a tree filled with Christmas lights. It was a perfect time for them to bond before Pia got busy shooting the film My Perfect Youher first lead-starrer, with Gerald Anderson as her onscreen partner.

Pia and Marlon's relationship was put to the test once again when the beauty queen got romantically linked to Gerald. Speculation was rife that Pia allegedly caused the love trouble between Gerald and his girlfriend Bea Alonzo as soon as the latter unfollowed the two My Perfect You Stars on Instagram.

Marlon and pia still dating

It was reported that Bea deleted two of her posts where she promoted My Perfect You as well as her throwback photo with Pia when they co-starred in the teen-oriented series K2BU. Netizens also didn't fail to notice that Bea's hair stylist posted a cryptic message about womanizers and its possible connection to rumors that Bea and Gerald have broken up.

Bea and Gerald never discussed the cause of their love trouble even when they eventually got back to being a happy couple, until they broke up for good in July this year. As for Pia and Marlon, they seemed unfazed even at the height of Pia's alleged romance with Gerald. It was reported, however, that Pia managed to evade the controversy by skipping media interviews wherein she would likely be grilled about Gerald.

After the trials in their relationship, Pia and Marlon marked their second anniversary as a couple with a romantic dinner date. His sweet message for Pia read in part: "I hope you enjoyed my little surprise for you Happy anniversary love.

Bagong Boyfriend ni Pia Wurtzbach?

What a win for our country the Philippines," wrote Marlon in his Instagram post dated December 17, They didn't pass up the chance to take a souvenir photo at the top of Burj Khalifa, which is one of the tallest buildings in the world.

In a statement released through her business manager Rikka Infantado Fernandez on Friday, December 6, the actress and former beauty queen confirmed that she and Marlon have parted. This will be my only statement on the matter.

Thank you for your support," she said. Following the breakup announcement, the two unfollowed each other on social media, with Pia's Instagram feed no longer showing photos of them together. It was in October that Marlon, who attended what was then called the Star Magic Ball, confirmed that he was seeing Pia. Pia was still reigning Miss Universe then. Pia confirmed that she was dating Marlon during a January interview to promote the Miss Universe pageant in Manila.

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