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Telephone Club

Make sure you hit the right one as it comes up in the front. Once you ask the question, Kiryu's "imagination" will start filling in the blanks about what she looks like disclaimer: this guide makes no guarantees as to the actual person matching Kiryu's imagination, so please imagine responsibly.

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With a successful question asked, you'll go back to the first part of filling up her heart meter a second time, after which you'll ask her the second question about her face. Then a third time and you'll request a meet-up. The whole process if you're any good at it will take a couple of minutes tops.

Once you "make the sale" and solidify your meeting, cutscenes will automatically play out as to the results. You may have to do one or more things afterwards.

In the game, Kiryu can be contacted by any of nine women. Three of these are meaningful connections.

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Six of them are duds, at least from Kiryu's perspective. The proper "love connections" are completion metrics, but there are also seven substories tied with this minigame as well. Every time you meet someone is a substory, with three of the potential women Asakura, Sakurako, and Sakurai counting as one particular substory.

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Lastly, if you're in a phone call and want to back down hard, simply hold L1 down and Kiryu will hang up after a couple of seconds and you can move on to the next prospect. Making the first few connections is easy.

This was my first Yakuza game ever and sub-stories were my favorite part of the game, but as amazing as the Call Dating ones are, they can really try your patience. I am totally with you. The calling minigame was fun (and new which is nice), but trying to . Yakuza zero phone dating - Find a man in my area! Free to join to find a woman and meet a woman online who is single and hunt for you. Find single woman in the US with rapport. Looking for sympathy in all the wrong places? Now, try the right place. If you are a middle-aged man looking to have a good time dating man half your age, this article is for you. People would pay a small fee to simply talk to other people on the phone. Typically women would put out the call and they'd be paired with random men in a connecting club. The idea is that they'd be looking to make a connection, and through the telephone call they could arrange to meet up later for a date or something more.

The hard part of this adventure is making all of them, because even if you meet up with someone, you'll be just as likely to be contacted by them again the next time you go to the telephone club. You do get some help, though. Remember that when you connect, you'll see Kiryu's imagination in the background. The woman there will be wearing a bikini of a certain color. There are three different colors, and with the nine women you can talk to, that's groups of three for each color.

Yakuza zero phone dating

So when you see a bikini of a certain color, you'll know it's one of those three women. Secondly, pay attention to the length of the quick-time event for answering the phone. If it's one of the "success" stories, then there's a good chance that the quick-time even will be very fast, otherwise it will be pretty slow.

Beyond that, there is only one other metric for determining whom you're speaking to, and that's their voice. Each of the nine women have a distinct voice, so if you can possibly get a recording of what the women sound like and play it back when you try again on another one, use that as a baseline to see if you can determine if she's the same or different.

Jan 25,   Yakuza 1. About The Yakuza Series: Yakuza, known in Japan as Ryu ga Gotoku (????) directly translated as "Like A Dragon", is an action-adventure video game franchise developed by Ryu ga Gotoku Studio under Sega. The series primarily focuses on Kazuma Kiryu as he deals with conflicts that develop around the yakuza itself.

If I get better at picking out who is who, then I'll make an effort to add information here as to how you can determine them by voice. And there are NO other means for determining who's who. The lines they give you, the questions they ask, and so on.

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There are no correlations between those and the woman you get. All you have are bikini, the QTE, and the voice. The following chart is a breakdown of each person and their results, as well as the substories they're tied to:.

Jul 26,   The following is IGN's guide to the substory The Sexy Hook-up in Yakuza 0. You will not know which girl you are talking with until you . Just in case you're like me and want to the game this is a guide to get all the substories related to the telephone clubs. Trick: If you want a specific girl hold L1 to hang up until you get the good girl,it doesn't matter which course you take but . The world of Yakuza 0 contains a myriad of Substories for both Kiryu and Substories can be found in many different streets and .

So in that regard, once you get one of the "sakuras" and two others of the same color, you can simply hang up whenever that color comes up again to save time. In the case of Riku, Ayaka, and Haruki, once you've made your connection, you'll get their pager number, which allows you to call them up for dates if you like.

[100%Demonetized] BEST MINI GAME EVER - Yakuza 6 Gameplay (#3)

Simply go to Darts, Pool, Bowling, Disco, or Karaoke and you'll have the option of calling them up to have them participate in the fun. There's no extenuating reason to do so, though. Once you've got their completion metric, you're effectively done with them, but I personally enjoy taking each girl to Karaoke to hear her sing.

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Keep me logged in on this device Forgot your username or password? Don't have an account? The calling minigame was fun and new which is nicebut trying to do all the substories was kinda miserable.

Having to learn their names only at the very end is what's frustrating since there are only nine ladies in rotation and you could get the same person if you don't know what to spot. Also you can tell by the colour of the bikini.

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If you've previously completed a substory with a blue bikini girl then you can hang up on subsequent blue bikini ladies. I've also been doing the telephone club substories last night so it's still fresh on my mind. Thanks to this damn minigame, these are the only substories I won't finish. It's just too frustrating and I've wasted so much time already just trying to hear voices I haven't heard yet.

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These substories are all bad and I did all of them because I'm a broken person who has to check boxes. These sub-stories are all bad and I did all of them because I'm a broken person who has to check boxes.

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Yup, that about sizes up the situation. I just started so all the tips of what to look, listen for are helpful.

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KHHsubs was a real lifesaver for me on this one. If you want to do all the substories I would check it out. It tells you what girls you can ignore and how to find out which girl you are talking to.

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