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If you get your water from a well, your home needs a jet pump and pressure tank. During normal operation, the jet pump fills the pressure tank with water to the pump's preset pressure and shuts off. It cycles on again when the pressure falls below the pump's cut-in pressure, thus maintaining the pressure in your water lines. It isn't difficult to connect the pump to the tank and to connect both to the water system. You need to adjust the bladder pressure of the empty tank to conform to the cut-in pressure of the pump, however.

Shallow Well Pump Installation. Shallow Well "Drive Point" Installation. Shallow Well Vertical Tank Mounted.

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Shipping tracking numbers are e-mailed automatically. Our Community Facebook Twitter. From what depth can a two line jet pump deliver water?

7 Things Every Jet Pump Owner Should Know

Types of wells and water supply systems and what to watch out for with each. Refer to the illustration above right, courtesy of Carson Dunlop Associates and also to our rough sketch provided below to see the components providing well water to a building served by a two-line jet pump located apart from the well.

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In our drawing the two line jet pump which draws water from the well and the water pressure tank are shown located separately from the well itself, and the well and its casing are shown located inside of a well pit. The actual lift capacity will vary depending on the pump horsepower and other factors such as piping length, bends, diameter. Common lift height is about 30 to 80 feet but some deeper installations work.

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Well pits such as the one we've drawn are used especially in climates exposed to freezing weather, as a way to get access to the well casing and well piping and to route well piping out of the well through the top of the well casing and on to the building while protecting it from freezing.

In addition to showing a well pit in this sketch, we discuss and illustrate well pits a bit more. A more modern device, the pitless adapter which permits a water tight piping connection out through the side of the well casing is shown in our sketch.

Both of the charts below are for 2-line jet pumps produced by Water Ace. The Water Ace charts shown in part above make clear that the capacity of a deep well pump to deliver water at a given flow rate varies by these factors:.

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Because some pump models are capable of developing internal pressures of more than psi, if your building piping, pressure relief valves, safety controls, wiring, and plumbing are not properly installed, very dangerous conditions including electrical shock, tank explosion, and leaks or floods can occur. A two line jet pump refers to the observation that two pipes are connected between the jet pump and the well. In our photo at left you can see the two black plastic lines leaving the front of the water pump.

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A two line jet pump draws water out of the well by magic: it forces water away from the pump and into the bottom of the well through one of the pipes usually the smaller diameter pipe. At the bottom of the well water from the jet pump is forced through a venturi device a sort of funnel shaped opening and then back upwards into the larger diameter pipe.

Water flowing through the venturi device at the bottom of the well piping draws still additional water out of the well and into the larger diameter pipe that flows back to the building. The requirement to have some water to send down to the well in order to bring a larger quantity of water back is why a two line jet pump can't provide any water or water pressure in a building if it loses its prime.

How to Set Up a Home Jet Pump With a Pressure Tank

The following list and definition of two-line deep well jet pump and water well parts and terms is organized from the top of the drawing towards its bottom and uses names that correspond to those shown in our ugly sketch above. If you keep losing prime at the water pump where a two-line jet pump is installe it's probable that a check valve at the pump or more likely at the FOOT VALVE in the bottom of the well needs to be replaced.

Carson Dunlop Associates' sketch at left shows how a foot valve works and where it is installed. Replacing a foot valve in the well requires that the well be opened and the well piping be pulled out to permit removal of the old valve and installation of a new one. After replacing the foot valve you should shock the well since you've probably contaminated it by laying your well piping and parts on the ground and foot valves at the plumbing supplier are not kept in sterile containers.

Watch out : If the pump motor won't shut off you should turn off electrical power to the pump to avoid damaging it, then diagnose the problem. This article series describes various types of drinking water sources like wells, cisterns, dug wells, drilled wells, artesian wells and well and water pump equipment. We provide advice about what to do when things go wrong. I am planning on replacing my very old well pump, but I realized that my new pump has the larger diameter pipe coming into the top, whereas the old pump had the larger diameter pipe on the bottom.

Is it always the case that the larger diameter pipe is the suction line? Any tips on how I should plumb it?

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I don't have the space to plumb in on the opposite side of the well from where the current pump sits. Is it acceptable to use flex line, or should I stick with rigid copper or brass?

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Yes the larger diameter pipe opening on a 2-line jet pump is the suction line. You can tell me the brand and model of pump and we ought to be able to find the pump specifications and installation manual that will make that clear if you're missing those documents.

The information provided here is for educational purposes only. Technically qualified personnel should install pumps and motors. We recommend that a licensed contractor install all new systems and replace existing pumps and motors.

Thanks DanJoeFriedman. I have the manual. I was just confused by the fact that the old pump had the suction and the pressure holes opposite of how my new pump is configured. In order to install this new pump, I think I'm going to have to rotate the cap degrees.

Jet pump hook up

The way it's oriented now, the larger diameter pipe suction is directly in front of the pressure pipe, so I'm not able to plumb it without getting really creative. Hard to explain, but I'll try to post another photo. Hopefully one of these works.

I took a look at your photo and will add it in this article above as well so that other readers may offer a suggestion let me know if you do not want that action. The face openings on the new Red Lion RJC cannot be rotated, and indeed the inlet and outlet openings are reversed in position from your old pump. If you want to use the new unit I suggest giving yourself adequate working space to make the necessary connections by moving the location of the new pump to one side - more or less as you have it positioned now, or elevating it a foot if needed as well.

By removing the union and street-elbow at the well top and starting there you can make the necessary routing changes, routing the jet pump inlet and outlet lines to their destinations. It'll take a two more elbows but is do-able. Before doing that, however I'd give the company's tech support a call or email to ask if in fact the face of the pump can in fact be rotated OR if the pump can be installed upside down, as I agree that'd make piping simpler.

Watch out : convertible jet pumps like the Red Lion RJC shown at above left that can be swapped between a shallow well typically from 25 ft one-line jet pump to a deep-well two-line jet pump are typically capable of lifting in the 2-line jet pump conversion from a depth of about 90 feet. A few one line jet pump models such as the Matercraft one line jet pump shown at above right advertise that they can lift from 70 feet, but if you take a closer look at the pump specifications you may find that although the pump can lift water from that depth its flow rate capacity in gallons per minute GPM may be significantly reduced.

Contact the Red Lion pump company in the U. Red Lion, itself a company dating fromhas recently picked up the Little Giant pump brand that we've used for decades.

Dec 14,   If you get your water from a well, your home needs a jet pump and pressure tank. During normal operation, the jet pump fills the pressure tank with . Parts 2O Tank Hook-Up Kit 0 in. x in. L Various Product information Technical Details. Part Number FPP2 Item Weight pounds Product Dimensions 10 x 5 x 5 inches Item model number FPP2 Material Various Item Package Quantity 5/5(2). This tank hook up kit includes several fittings and a hose to connect a jet pump to a vertical or horizontal well tank, up to 44 Gal. (mounting bracket sold separately). Included in the kit are 2 elbows, a 1 in. discharge tee, a 1 in. hose and a 1 in. x 10 in. Sch. 80 PVC nipple, clamps and nuts and bolts for /5(4).

You can use ABS piping and plastic elbows that may tolerate vibration with less leak risk; note that the manufacturer emphasizes that the pump should be securely mounted to a solid base.

Both of the 2-line jet pump injectors in your drawing will work as long as the length of the tailpiece does not require a greater water lift suction than the injector can provide. We know that a 2-line jet pump works by sending water down smaller-diameter pipe 1, through the injector, and with help from additional well-water picked up by the injector, a larger volume of water returns to the pump through larger diameter pipe 2.

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The injector's lift capability is determined by the venturi design, size, and the flow rate of water moving down through pipe A. Watch out : unless your well has a very high water flow-rate, a short tailpiece and injector above the water level is going to give only a very limited volume of well water before the well water level drops below the well screen or foot valve - you will run out of water quickly.

Mar 14, Josh Faulkner said:. I have scoured the internet and cannot find anything relevant to what I am experiencing. Recently, our well system has been acting strange. Our two line Jacuzzi jet pump will run and stop constantly.

Jet pumps are mounted above the well, either in the home or in a well house, and draw the water up from the well through suction (see Single-Drop Jet-Pump System diagram on next page).Author: Thomas Klenck. A "two-line" jet pump is shown outside of the well, either inside of the building or perhaps in a well pit or well house. "Two line" refers to the fact that two water pipes connect the pump to the well. Since the lift capacity of a two-line jet pump is not limited to the shallow-well depth of 27' chances are that where you find a two line jet. TYPICAL DEEP WELL JET PUMP INSTALLATION a captive air Jet pumps usually come with a pressure switch factory installed on the pump. If replacing the switch we recommend using one with a psi setting. 1. Deep well jet systems are used when the water depth is between 20' and 80'. For wells deeper than 80' a submersible pump system File Size: 1MB.

However, when it stops, it immediately loses pressure it's a pressure switch setting and a pretty large amount of water will rush in from the casing that the two lines run through to exit the foundation. It's unusual to have no possible primer opening right on the jet pump - please tell me the brand and model and attach a photo of the pump.

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